The journal of psychiatric orgone therapy is introduced in response to a long needed platform for communication with the public and other professionals in the field of orgonomy. Although there are several centers that are committed to preserve and promote Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s work, these centers have mostly been working in isolation with very limited exposure to the public or health care professionals.

Our mission is to introduce Dr. Reich’s work and theories to the public in order to reveal their  depth and significance. The journal also will provide a forum where professionals can enrich their knowledge of orgonomy,  share their knowledge with each other and interact with the public. The journal of psychiatric orgone therapy aims to facilitate the access to the wealth of information provided by Dr. Wilhelm Reich and we are hopeful that the journal will be able to fulfill its function as a vehicle to preserve and promote Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s work.

To objectify these goals, publication of present journal was urgently needed. Wilhelm Reich’s museum in Rangly Maine remains the most essential resource that provides  vast, valuable materials and information left behind by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. The journal recognizes the Museum’s importance and realizes that the promotion and preservation of Dr. Reich’s work and Wilhelm Reich’s museum are related with each other.

A Note From our Founder:

“During my psychiatry residency I accidentally stumbled upon one of Wilhelm Reich’s books called Reich speaks of Freud. After reading this book as a young psychiatry resident, I developed an intense interest in his theories and therapy techniques. I read more of his writings and progressed down that road to the point that now practicing psychiatry without Reich would resemble that of a physicist working in the field of physics without knowledge of Einstein. Hence I developed the analogy Psychiatry-Reich = Physics-Einstein.
“Dr. Reich once said that the clinicians who read his theories and techniques and benefit from it should also make it available for others. This reminded me of an ancient Chinese proverb that says “When someone shares a knowledge with you and you benefit from it you are morally obligated to share it with others”.
“Throughout my career I always wanted to share the valuable knowledge left behind by Dr. Reich with my colleagues and especially with younger physicians and psychiatry residents and health providers. In the pursuit of this goal I am happy to be able to develop the journal of psychiatric orgone therapy and I am hoping that it will serve the purpose of relaying this information to others and serve the purpose of preserving and promoting Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s work.”

– Stephan Simonian M.D.

March 5th, 2010.

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Wilhelm Reich (oil on canvas) by Morton Herskowitz, D.O.

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