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Cyber Attack on JPOT

Article by Stephan Simonian M.D.

Cyber Attack on JPOT

For a period of about ten days, our readers may have noticed that this website was not online. Any attempt to load the homepage and its articles led to nothing but an empty space and flashing announcement at the top of page, stating, “Hacked by MSA Baba Hacker.” After initial disbelief and shock, we soon recognized our website had been attacked and destroyed. We spent a significant amount of time and money to reconstruct the website and to restore its contents.

Although this attack may have been a random destructive act, our website administrator reported to us that the hack was most likely the undertaking of sophisticated professional group; the defacement of this website was therefore a systematic assault, and not a matter of child’s play. We have no idea who the hacker is and what his or her gain might be from this destructive action. As stated, it may have been just the result of random, senseless pathological behavior, but most likely it was an intentional attack aiming to destroy materials and content of the website by an individual or a group who loathe its content.

Orgonomic principles inevitably provoke disgust and anger within individuals or groups with fascistic, undemocratic, anti-democratic and oppressive beliefs. Orgonomy takes to the roots of the mechanisms of such unhealthy and anti-democratic ideologies. All such ideologies are the consequence of distorted human character and are anchored in it.

Genocide and destruction, under one pretext or another, has occurred for thousands of years. All destructive actions, at worst the killings of humans by the hands of others, has roots in character-armoring, which is a direct product of authoritarian, oppressive and anti-sexual upbringing of children. The battle of Orgonomy has all along been to prevent this character armoring. It is the soil that pathological ideologies grow from. Naturally, the adopters of such ideologies will be threatened by Orgonomy.

Reich, in the Function of the Orgasm, writes,

In order to be able to exist in this world, they had to fight and destroy in themselves that which was most true, most beautiful, most their own; they had to surround it with the thick walls of their character armor. In so doing, they came to grief inwardly, and, for the most part, also externally; but they spared themselves the struggle with this impossible order of things. A dim reflection of the deepest and most natural feelings for life, of natural decency, of spontaneous honesty, of real love, could be seen in a certain “sentiment” which seemed the more false the thicker the armor which was built up against naturalness. The falsest pathos still contains a bit of real life.

We too, in our turn see the reflection of the light in this destructive act, albeit distorted and dim, Reich refers to as “ Thus I arrived at the conclusion that human mendacity and meanness are still a reflection of the deep biological nucleus.”

Authoritarian and oppressive ideologies which are threatened by Orgonomy constitute a wide spectrum of groups thriving in different parts of the world. Attacks from such groups or individuals who adhere to particular ideologies is not only plausible but expected. Such attacks on Reich’s work happened consistently in the past and there is no reason whatsoever to believe they will cease now. We were not surprised by the hacking of our website; in fact, we had expected it even earlier. We are nonetheless committed to continue this journal and fulfill its mission to introduce orgonomy and Reich to the public. We will not be dissuaded in the least by such attacks on this website, and on Reich’s ideas.

The IT company, ATECHSO ( a managed IT solution provider, which successfully reconstructed and restored the website, has promised us to provide stronger and more fortified security. We since have transferred the hosting of the journal to them and we will hold them accountable to this promise. We hope that we will be able to continue to provide interesting articles and introduce Orgonomy and Reich’s theories. Thank you for your readership.

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- who has written 64 posts on The Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy.

Dr. Simonian is a general and child and adolescent psychiatrist. He completed medical school in Shiraz University, Shiraz Iran. He completed his general psychiatric residency training and fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at New York Medical College, Metropolitan Hospital Center. Concomitant with his psychiatry and child psychiatry training, Dr. Simonian completed the New York Medical College Psychoanalytic School Didactic Courses, including his own required personal psychoanalysis. In 1990, Dr. Simonian started his personal psychiatric orgone therapy, Reichian therapy, with Dr. Morton Herskowitz and in 1991 became a member of the Institute of Orgonomic Sciences (IOS), an Institute which is dedicated to promote and preserve Dr. Wilhelm Reich's work. Dr. Simonian started his private psychiatric practice in Milford, Massachusetts in 1984 and he was a chief of psychiatry department of Milford Regional Hospital for several years. He started his practice in Glendale, California since 2003. Dr. Simonian is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

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