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A Preliminary Investigation into a Prototype Device Based Upon Reich’s Spacegun

Article by LSouthgate

A Preliminary Investigation into a Prototype Device Based Upon Reich’s Spacegun

Introduction and Background

In the autumn of 2017 the author repeated Reich’s oranur experiment but with 1000th of the radioactivity, although using a similarly high orgone charge (1). The results in terms of various physical parameters, from possible small electrical, magnetic and visual effects have been detailed in a number of papers (2). This work was undertaken as a preliminary to experiments looking into the relationship between orgone and consciousness – the author’s main area of interest. The author assumed the relationship between these two variables would entail high orgone charges, hence the interest in the oranur experiment. However, during this work a possible partial replication of some of Reich’s experiments with the radioactive cloudbuster, the Spacegun (SG), was unintentionally repeated and then systematically researched for about a year. The SG was a development of the cloudbuster. The SG was so named because Reich found that the device could potentially, “reach far into space” (3). Also the term may refer to a different mode of action than that of the cloudbuster. This will be explored further at the end of this section.

As early as 1940, Reich was experimenting with processes that would eventually lead to the invention of the cloudbuster – an array of long metal pipes, 9 to 12 foot long, grounded into water and pointed at the sky. Cloudbusters have scientifically evidenced effects upon weather conditions (4), (5), (6). If there is a continuum of aether-like energy in the sky, orgone, which is attracted to water and can be entrained in tubes, then it would be logical that such a device might work.

It all started with Reich observing that metal pipes, when aimed at the orgone waves he could see hovering above Lake Mooselookmeguntic in Maine, had some kind of effect upon those subtle energy waves (7). It appears that Reich always had a high degree of ‘energetic’ type ‘soft’ vision. However, he forgot all about this occurrence until 12 years later during the energetic DOR (or Deadly Orgone) emergency following the oranur experiment of 1951. Oranur is a name for orgone energy which has been stimulated, for example, by a small amount of radioactivity. Reich had kept small amounts of radioactive material in weak accumulators at his labs in Orgonon, Maine, for years without problem, such as luminescent zinc sulphide in a small accumulator. He also had a radium dial watch which gave high Geiger counts in the lab setting but without having negative biological effects (8). However, this was the first time he had used a significant source of radioactivity – 1 milligram (mg) of radium, within a strong accumulator. This cabinet was in turn placed within an orgone room (a room sized orgone accumulator). Reich had bought two mg’s of radium for the experiments at Orgonon and a small amount of radioactive cobalt-6, a few micrograms (mcg), also procured in December 1950, for calibration of Geiger counters. Reich wanted his own baseline readings rather than to rely on varying accounts of standard radioactivity for the samples. Reich took baseline Geiger counts both at Orgonon and in New York.

It was the oranur emergency that directly led to the invention of the cloudbuster. Reich and his colleagues had been suffering from the black, gloomy clouds of DOR that hung over Orgonon for at least a month. The clouds were accompanied by nausea, listlessness and fatigue and other acute medical symptoms. Then in April of 1951 Reich realised that the tubes he had pointed over that lake a dozen years earlier, might have some application to the problem in hand. Reich got a set of steel pipes, grounded them in water (because orgone is attracted to water) and pointed them at the DOR clouds stuck over Orgonon. Immediately there was tangible relief for the suffering workers. The emergency at Orgonon went on for much of the rest of the year but at least there was a device which could help. Over the next few years Reich investigated the effects of the cloudbuster and found how to use it both to remove DOR and to increase and decrease cloud cover.

After the oranur experiment of 1951, the two mg’s of radium and the few mcg’s of cobalt-60 were buried in a steel and concrete safe, within their individual lead shielding in an uninhabited area by Route 17 toward Rumford about 15 miles from Orgonon in Maine, USA (9). It was left there for two and a half years and retrieved in September 1954. Curiously, the container of one of the radium pieces had filled up with a water-like liquid, despite there being no way for water to get into the sealed lead vial. Southgate has noticed that oranur can melt Himalayan crystal producing what looks like a clear watery liquid. However, the liquid process that Reich found might not be related (10).

Reich noted that this radioactive substance behaved oddly when measured with the Geiger counter. It had low counts naked but very high counts, in the tens of thousands, when within its lead shielding. Then In September 1954, during the tail end of the DOR emergency at Orgonon, Reich struck upon a novel use of this new material which he later called ORUR (Orgonised Uranium), to distinguish it from oranur.


‘..had the box of NR (Nuclear Radioactive Material) placed touching the cables of the Cloudbuster. Immediately following this, a general feeling of well-being was marked in two persons. There was a sudden brightening of the rocks and vegetation; distant mountains, which had been black, suddenly became blue; the sky cleared and the west wind started. WR (Wilhelm Reich) remarked that his organism seemed to be filling up. RMC (Robert McCullough) noticed that his hands were filling out to their former fullness. Deep full breathing could again be enjoyed. WR’s dog Troll showed no aversion to the box of NR.’

McCollough in Contact With Space (11).

Reich went on to use the SG, the Spacegun, so called because it energised the atmosphere, possibly into the reaches of space, at Orgonon, noting near miraculous changes in seconds. Although the environment could be energised and cleared from horizon to horizon, these effects did not last long. My experience, and Reich’s words in Contact with Space, leads the author to believe that the mechanism of action for an SG type device is different to the cloudbuster – the cloudbuster ‘pulls’ energy from the orgone continuum of the sky into the grounded water. This creates uneven eddies of energy in the previously smooth continuum of the sky which in turn affects cloud dispersal or gathering. An SG type device on the other hand, appears to enter into some kind of energisation exchange between the device and the sky, literally ‘shooting’ energy into the sky.

‘This was news, indeed: The atmosphere could be charged, “Orurized,” directly by ORUR.’ – Wilhelm Reich (12).

An SG is not a more powerful cloudbuster therefore, this author believes, but a different device altogether. A cloudbuster extracts energy from where it is pointed to the grounded water. An SG however may enter into an ‘energetic conversation’ with the sky. The author believes that energy goes from the SG to the sky and back again in a feedback loop. This is my intuitive feeling of the process from my understanding of Reich’s account and also in my own experience.

‘If used only a few seconds, two to five, it cleared the sky of DOR…Later I learnt to respect the great sensitivity of the atmospheric energy and the power of ORUR…The orurization effect of September 29th had reached as far as 170 miles..’ (13).

Reich notes that the SG has the effect of,

‘Increasing the energy potential in the atmosphere….in addition to the old technique of lowering the potential….with the Cloudbuster.’ (14).

‘The power of Orur was tremendous. It could not be overestimated….Orur seemed to cause an extension of the gaseous atmosphere of the globe.’ (15).

Here the SG is pushing the atmosphere rather than pulling as a cloudbuster might do.

At great difficulty, Reich had the orur material flown to Little Orgonon in Arizona where he was doing the very first orgonomic desert work. Again, here the SG had amazing effects, such as desert greening without rain. The arid DORish Arizona atmosphere, which had been affected by recent atomic testing, had become moist after a ridge of energetic blockage was finally removed by Reich and his team using the SG (16).

This is the background to a possible partial repetition of the SG type process beginning in January 2019.

Experimental Procedure

In January 2019 the author started experimenting with mini-SG devices. A group of 2 foot long steel alloy pipes were wrapped at one end in accumulating materials. A small amount of radioactive matter within an ionising smoke alarm was placed near the pipes. In terms of radioactivity, the alarm contained 0.9 microCurie of americium which corresponds to an amount of 0.26 microgram (mcg) of americium material. The background Geiger count of the local environment measured on a Radex One radiation counter is 0.09 to 0.12 SV/h (microSievert per hour). This corresponds to approximately 16-18 CPM (Counts Per Minute). The americium, measured at 1cm distance whilst still within its compartment inside the smoke alarm, measured 0.14 SV/h or 22 CPM.

The mini SG-like device certainly had a strong energy charge, and once when left on overnight seemed to cause an Out Of Body experience in the author during sleep. However the device appeared to have minimal or no effect on the environment. After a couple of weeks of experimenting for short periods the device was carefully dismantled and cleaned.

One must be careful not to touch the metal pipes of a cloudbuster or an SG-like device. Thick gloves are useful. Accidental touches of the pipes of the larger device can result in an ‘oranur burn’ in the author’s experience. Also there is the theoretical risk of picking up unwanted energy signatures from the environment perhaps latent in the pipes.

A few days after this, at another location (where the large oranur cabinet is kept in a separate outhouse building) the author observed something curious. There is a private car parking area close to the outhouse building. A scaffolding truck had parked there close to the oranur device (but separated by the walls of the outbuilding). The truck had one long steel pipe on it which was pointed at a cloud at 45° approximately.

Figure 1
Truck and Pipe
Outhouse building, Oranur Cabinet, Parked Scaffolding Truck.

Where the pipe was pointing was a cloud. The author noticed that there was a gap forming in the cloud where the pipe was pointed. This prompted the author to obtain some scaffolding type thick steel pipes of various sizes around 6 foot in length. As the truck pipe seemed to work at a distance from the oranur device, the pipes were at first placed next to the closed cabinet at 45° or 90° usually. Later on the pipes were placed next to the open cabinet then finally within the open cabinet itself.

Figure 2
Operational Set Up
Oranur Cabinet with Steel Scaffolding Type Pipes.

As the oranur charge of the prototype SG-like device is at approximately 1000th of Reich’s set up it was thought that it would work much more slowly than Reich’s SG. This appeared to be the case. Whereas the Reich SG would work in seconds, it was noted that the prototype device would take up to a few hours to start affecting the environment.

The general effects are as follows: dark oppressive formless cloud cover tends to dissipate to be replaced by livelier, formed, lighter clouds. Grey murkiness in the atmosphere tends to clear to be replaced by a sparkling, clear sight and feeling. Vision in the environment seems to get better as though a clarity dial has been turned up. Other times, clouds clear and an azure sky became apparent. The sky afterwards becomes more ‘dramatic’. The environment feels more refreshed and alive. Reports of geometric shapes in the night sky have been made though not witnessed by the author. There is a 10° magnetic deflection within 6 foot of the pipes and a cyclic increase, though still relatively moderate, of the Geiger count measured at a distance of 1 foot from the oranur device with a Radex One monitor (see Operations Chart).

Figure 3 – Operations Chart

Date & Time


Weather Before

Weather After

10th Feb 2019

6 pipes at 45° next to cabinet, pointing West for 2 hours. Cabinet Shut.


Storm clouds concentrated in direction of pipes then cleared.

12th Feb 2019

6 pipes at 45° next to cabinet, pointing East for 2 hours. Cabinet Shut.

Oppressive cloud cover, dark, rain forecast.

Clouds started to clear after 30 minutes.

14th Feb 2019

As above, 2 hours.

Grey clouds, oppressive.

Clouds cleared where pipes pointed then gradually azure sky, clear entirely.

15th Feb 2019 9am

As Above.

Oppressive grey haze.

Sky brighter though cloud cover remains.

19th Feb 2019 10am

6 pipes pointed East, 45°, 21 hours, Cabinet shut.

Very oppressive grey clouds, environment feels hazy.

Cloud clearing after 2 hours to reveal cross pattern of jet trails. Environment feels brighter. Eventually sky clears. Everything feels ‘bright’ and clear. Raised Geiger count for some distance from the device (up to 24 foot). At 1 foot from the device – 0.16 – 0.19 mSV/h (microSievert
per hour) were noted cycling up and down. After operation skies lightest in direction of pipes. Otherwise natural looking formed clouds. Feels very ‘bright’ locally. A feeling of ‘lightness’. Storm clouds coming in from the West.

23rd Feb 2019 4pm

6 pipes were pointed West, 45°, Cabinet open. 48 hours.

Very murky oppressive grey cloud, depressed feeling.

Clouds clearing in direction of pipes. Bright feeling. Storm clouds forming. Shaped clouds. Clear sky over area of operation.
Geiger count cycling between 0.09 and 0.16 mSV/h measured at 1 foot from device. Following days, bright azure skies. Warm.

6th March 2019 1pm

Pipes pointed in Triangle formation towards East. Cabinet open.

Overcast, Dark Grey.

Clearing on and off and new storm clouds gathering, feels very bright and clear, visibility increasing, At 2.30pm: short heavy downpour then rainbows.

April 2019



Three further 2 hour operations, observations as above, sky often has a ‘dramatic’ quality to it afterwards.

13th June 2019 2pm,

8 pipes were pointed at zenith. Cabinet open.

Overcast, heavy atmosphere, raining, grey, recent flooding. Rain forecast for following 48 hours.

Zone above clearing of clouds within hour then clouds gathering and darker where pointed but clearing elsewhere. Environment feels bright. Sky looks healthier, formed clouds rather than ‘grey ceiling’. Next day, sunny at times contrary to forecast, dramatic looking sky.

The next two operations came 9 months later and were timed to coincide with rainy weather with forecasts for further rain.




28th Feb 2020 12pm

8 pipes were pointed East, 45°, 50 hours, cabinet open.

Raining. Rain forecast for next 48 hours.

Rainclouds clearing after 2 hours, sunny. 2 hours after removal of pipes – raining again.

17th March 2020

As above.

Raining. Rain forecast 48 hours.

Sunny spells.


The preliminary data appears to indicate that orur material may not be needed to operate a prototype SG-like device based on the Reich SG. The cabinet itself may have orur-like qualities this author believes. It certainly has low grade oranur attributes and this appears enough to activate a pipe device into having certain SG-like qualities (such as brightening the atmosphere) but on a less dramatic scale than that which Reich experienced. The large prototype device seems to work much more slowly. An hour of operating it appears to approximate to operating Reich’s SG for about 1-3 seconds. The author feels that the oranur cabinet, although not containing orur material, approximates a much weaker, ‘energy field’ version of the effects of orur material.

Slight radioactive materials used with the earlier SG-like mini-device did not seem to have direct effects on the environment although the author cannot be sure. Perhaps a larger oranur reaction, such as obtained with the full-sized prototype device, is needed for SG-like environmental effects.

The large prototype SG-like device described in this paper seems to create an energetic interaction between itself and the sky which appears to result in an increase in the liveliness and sparkle, the apparent health, of the local environment. The author suspects that the thickness of the metal pipes used with the oranur cabinet (being actual steel scaffolding pipes) increases the effects of the device. Occasionally a thinner but 12 foot long steel pipe was used in conjunction with the shorter scaffolding pipes which also seemed to boost the effects.

Possible Medical Applications

It is possible that SG-like devices might increase health and vitality in populations over wide geographical areas by increasing the energy charge of the environment and perhaps cleansing it energetically. There could be direct medical applications for the health of groups and individuals which might be explored.

Important Cautionary Notice

It is strongly advised that no-one other than experienced orgonomic researchers operate an SG or a prototype SG-like device. The author advises against anyone other than experienced orgonomic academics and qualified scientists from considering further research. It is also noted that SG type devices may have strong effects, alongside oranur, on emotions amongst people nearby. It is recommended to be particularly cautious using oranur or an SG type device near psychics. Oranur appears to be an energy with consciousness characteristics and those who are already sensitive to extra-cognitive aspects of functioning can be strongly affected by oranur. The metal pipes should not be touched by hand as oranur ‘burns’ can result. Also energetic frequencies could theoretically be picked up via contact with the pipes.


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This post was written by:

- who has written 14 posts on The Journal of Psychiatric Orgone Therapy.

From a family of psychotherapists and teachers I was introduced to orgonomy at a young age. As an adult my interest was rekindled, doing an MSc research degree in Chinese medicine and orgonomy. In 2002, a double blind, placebo controlled study was completed (N = 72). It confirmed an effect from orgone devices upon acupuncture (P = 0.03). An article about the study was published in the European Journal of Oriental Medicine in 2003. The theoretical side of the study outlined dozens of new parallels. It was later published as a book by German publishers LAP. Southgate started an orgonomic PhD but the access to laboratory work became difficult so the project ended but a comprehensive (though not complete) Annotated Literature Review of the Post-Reich Journals was written and made available for free online. Southgate is focused on examining orgone and its relationship to consciousness.

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