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Oranur and Paranormal Phenomena – Part Two

Article by LSouthgate

Oranur and Paranormal Phenomena – Part Two

Part Two: Recent Oranur-Associated Evidence

Authors: Nik Hayes and Leon Southgate MSc

Reviewer’s Comment:

In the present papers the authors propose that an Oranur field is the basis of most, if not all paranormal phenomena. In the first part of the series they provide some evidence for the above assertion by making reference to a robust literature review where the occurrence of paranormal phenomena can be interpreted as the consequence of higher-than-average orgone energy concentrations in Oranur (the highly excited state of the energy). As the authors establish, the high concentration of orgone energy, can be triggered or excited into the Oranur state by using a radioactive source, or even by consciousness. The second part of the series includes a collection of pictures taken by the authors with an Infra-Red (IR) camera (with no flash) when a sudden and momentous increase of radioactivity occurred (a typical indication of an Oranur field) in a certain location. To the naked eye nothing was seen during these shots but the pictures revealed forms that could not be addressed to a simple mechanical artefact, or to particular concomitant phenomena during the shot (as the flash was absent). The authors hypothesised that the possible bio-forms observed in the pictures were high orgone energy concentrations in its Oranur (highly excited) state quickly moving in space. According to what is reported by the authors, it might be inferred that our sky could be teeming with such bio-forms that are simply manifesting with qualities that are not perceptible to the naked human eye.
Such contributions complement the previous ones recently published by Southgate in JPOT in which he found that an Oranur field at various degrees of excitation can be considered as a fundamental quality to understand the perception of time (thus evidencing the importance of an Oranur field in the economy and understanding of still obscure and difficult to explain phenomena).


In Part One the authors explored how oranur may be associated with consciousness and paranormal phenomena. A theoretical background was presented for why this might be the case as well as historical and recent research examples that may illustrate connections.

Part Two explores unusual phenomena that Southgate and Hayes have photographed during their oranur-associated research with an oranur cabinet and devices (Southgate) and Constable’s orgonotic bio-forms, captured using cloudbusters and oranur measurements (Hayes).

Recent Evidence

Southgate repeated Reich’s 1951 oranur experiment in 2017, in England (1). A highly concentrated orgone field was exposed to a small dosage of radioactivity, gradually. The final exposure was at approximately one thousandth of the strength of radioactivity that Reich used. Various measurements were undertaken from electrical to light reactions to thermal parameters. Anomalous oranur effects were all strongly confirmed. However, this time it appears that an oranur emergency was avoided through careful use of dosing and thanks to the insights gained from Reich’s research some sixty six years earlier.

In Southgate’s oranur enclosure a plasma ball was kept. This is a glass ball used in discos based on Tesla’s original effects. Usually, an electrical current is passed through the plasma and various miniature lightning effects occur alongside a light-blue misty glow. Southgate was oranur charging this ball to see if any anomalous lighting effects might occur without external electrical input. This was indeed the case. The plasma seemed to become highly reactive after some weeks. Without applying electrical current, but merely by using slight mechanical electro-static stimulation, (placing cling film on the surface of the ball then removing it quickly), very strongly luminescent deep blue glows were obtained. The ball doesn’t normally glow luminescent deep blue even when connected to a DC power supply.

Figure 1 – Plasma Ball Dynamics

The plasma ball is seen above (Figure 1) as it illuminates with blue radiance at the point of the excitation of the concentrated orgone energy flowing within it from the electrostatic stimulation. The initial reactive charge can be seen shooting straight up through the central needle (A) and then exiting from its tip. It then proceeds to charge the concentrated orgone energy field within the plasma ball (B). In (C) an almost vein or lightning-like burst of highly charged orgone energy/oranur can be seen as it flows within the plasma ball. A similar reaction is also shown in (D) although this time appearing much thicker, and just below this a bright pink anomaly can also be seen. At the top of the plasma ball just to the left of point (D) another ‘whoosh’ of charged/excited orgone energy can be seen manifesting on the external surface of the plasma ball and then moving down the left hand side of the ball. Further bursts of energy created from this reaction are visible almost everywhere as they swirl within the confines of the plasma ball. A strong deep-blue glow was also visible to Southgate at the precise time the photographs were taken. They were obtained in darkness with the ball located at the top of the oranur cabinet in Southgate’s then outhouse experimental area.

The blue glows were very hard to photograph as they disappeared quickly and had to be produced by removing the cling film. Fortunately, an intuitive and quick photographer was on hand during Christmas 2017 and obtained the series of pictures using the good quality, Sony ILCE-6000 camera. Southgate removed the cling film on the plasma ball whilst the photographer took the picture without a flash from a distance of approximately 6 foot. The blue glow is itself anomalous but upon enlarging the photographs, in certain sections, there appears to be various unusual forms and energy streams.

Figure 2 – The Monkey

The above series of images in Figure 2 are from a photograph of the oranur box plasma ball taken on December 26th 2017 at 1.15am. The picture was taken from just outside the oranur box at the door of the outhouse in Southgate’s previous research area near Liverpool. It used a 15 second exposure on a Sony ILCE-6000 camera with no flash.
The first image in this series shows the magnified plasma ball (A), with the vein-like bursts of excited orgone energy clearly visible as the flow around the internal circumference of the ball. To the right of this an additional glowing sphere (B) can also be seen, appearing similar in size to the main plasma ball. A jaw-like skull appearance extending slightly below the globe can be seen in profile and also directly facing, a full skull-like visage is apparent within the globe. The blue images shown in (C) and (D) are possibly the result of the illuminated plasma ball being reflected from the surfaces within the oranur chamber, and were not the result of camera illumination as flash was not used.

Figure 3- The Skier

Energy streaks were also captured inside the plasma ball that are reminiscent of some of the energy streaks Hayes has captured in his research area in Oxford photographing the possible plasma bio-forms (Figure 3). Hayes believes that the energy governing the bio-forms is oranur-like, in other words, that they consist of a concentrated or excited life-energy. This makes sense as both paranormal entities and bio-forms could be said to be alive at some level of comprehension. It could perhaps also be linked to the bio-forms causing a biological effect as they manifest in this realm.

Hayes notes that he gets a significant Geiger reaction with the bio-forms even when they are hundreds (if not thousands of feet above him) before the bio-form photographs are taken. They also affect and cause deviations on compasses, and when manifesting nearby can make lights flicker, as well as triggering the security lights near his research area. When near Hayes, they can make him feel sick or give a feeling of instantaneous dread and cause high pitch squealing or hissing sounds that can sometimes initiate a loss of balance.

Figure 4 – GRCU Light Trails

The above streaks in Figure 4 are similar light trail types to the ones captured by Southgate in the oranur cabinet but this time recorded by the Italian bio-form research team, GRCU (Gruppo di Ricerche Clipeologiche ed Ufologiche), during their bio-form research in the late 1970s to mid-1980s as detailed in this book by Boccone, their team leader (2). This was taken on black and white infrared film in 1979. All of the GRCU pictures used here are on black and white infrared film, except the one on the above right which has a slight green aura to it. This was also taken in 1979 but using colour infrared film.

Figure 5 – GRCU Continued


On the right hand side on both of the above frames (Figure 5), the plasmoidal energy has burnt through onto the bit in-between the photograph and the next frame. Even though that part of the film wasn’t exposed (as it is the bit in-between frames) it has still captured part of the light trail. This indicates a very high oranur charge (as previously discussed by Southgate and Hayes and as reported by Tiller in his subtle energy camera experiments).

Figure 6 – The Human Head

In the photograph in Figure 6 above, again of the plasma ball, one can see in grey a human head in slight oblique profile, toward the bottom right of the globe. It only appears when viewed at the correct angle. What is possibly a moustache appears in white. There are two golden streaks across his forehead. A blue energy stream comes out his mouth and forms a bird like shape. Just off to the right of the plasma ball appears what could be some kind of squat body shape. This was taken on December 26th 2017 at 1.18am, it used a 1.5 second exposure on a Sony ILCE-6000 with no flash.

Figure 7 – The Crystal Bracelet


The above series of images in Figure 7 are taken from a picture obtained during the same set of photographs as the plasma ball images. A diamond or crystal object can be seen by the author’s wrist as he was photographed standing with his arm by the side of the oranur cabinet. In addition there are golden streaks of light moving vertically and horizontally past the author. The photograph, in contrast to the other photographs in the series, used a flash but only for a fraction of the overall exposure time. The subsequent frames show an enlargement of the energy streaks. The close ups show an enlargement of the crystal object revealing it is made up of many individual cells. It was taken on December 26th 2017 at 1.13am using a Sony ILCE-6000 with a 30 second exposure with flash.


Oranur and Heightened Awareness

Southgate has had a number of out-of-body experiences or lucid dreams when a piece of oranur-charged orgone compound (orgonite) was kept near him at night. Placing a piece of oranur charged compound on one’s forehead also appears propitious in obtaining lucid dreams. More recently Southgate has tried sleeping next to the oranur cabinet since it is currently in a state of lower charge. Dreams tend to become much more lucid near the cabinet.

The oranur cabinet itself seems to be highly cathartic for psychic individuals. Southgate would advise to be careful of putting psychics near to sources of oranur. One psychic, well known locally, was unable to function normally for a week after being near the device for about 30 minutes. She was in a state of heightened emotion for days afterwards. This was when the device was at its strongest. It is currently in a state of much lesser charge than immediately after the original experiment in 2017 (due possibly to the box having been stored outdoors at one point and the general passage of time).

Interestingly, another psychic who seemed more able to attune to the oranur energy had a strange effect on the oranur activity itself as measured with Geiger count readings. If an oranur charged device was taken near her it would immediately raise its readings on the Geiger counter significantly. The oranur cabinet would also become more active if she was near. Before this effect was discovered the psychic took an oranur charged orgone tube to her flat. Her flat soon became so strongly charged it was unusable and the occupants began to act strangely. This was quickly remedied with the removal of the device and various shamanic type clearings performed by the psychic.

The reaction of psychics to oranur ties in with Russian findings on torsion fields. It appears that psychics are sensitive to oranur perhaps because it is a conscious energy. The same people are often not sensitive to Electro-Magnetic Frequencies or EMF pollution. Southgate has found this consistently in his enquiries. This is understandable from a torsion field perspective as EMF and consciousness fields may be opposite and cancel each other out. The modern EMF-soaked environment may be literally shutting people’s higher minds down (even though it affects psychics less strongly it appears).

Visit by Crystal Entity

Early on in the oranur experiment conducted by Southgate, when the charge was relatively low and before the further devices were put inside it, he would, at times charge himself in the cabinet. At one point there was a small violet crystal that was being charged in the cabinet also. Southgate fell asleep inside the device. When he awoke a few hours later a large fluid-like plasmatic, violet-coloured entity was hovering over the cabinet, it was at least 6 foot long and perhaps 2 foot wide. It was crystalline in form but fluid and had a very calming, peaceful energy field. It felt very real. For a while Southgate just watched the vivid entity, perhaps a minute or so, then it faded. It was hard to recollect the exact colour afterwards, at times it seemed to be more red, other times, more blue but it was unforgettable as an experience.

Visit by Father

During the early oranur experimentation the author had set up a mini-space-gun device in his premises in the Cheshire countryside. A space-gun is a Reich cloudbuster that is connected to a small amount of enhanced orgone material. The author had a mini version of a space-gun type device with which he was experimenting. He fell asleep and inadvertently left it ‘running’. It may have somehow opened a dimensional portal as during his sleep the author heard a very loud buzzing sound that seemed to come from within his body. This sound appeared to flip his consciousness out of his body. He was then psychically stood up but out of his material body, which was still sleeping. At this point the author’s father, who had severe dementia at that time (now deceased) visited him at home. His father was wandering around. He had a bindi on his forehead which I think was to show me that he was not long for this world. Southgate’s family has connections to India. Southgate’s mother is part Indian and was brought up there as a young child at the end of the British Raj.

Oranur Ghost

One really hot summer night Hayes took a photograph of what became known as the ‘Shadow Man’ (below right in Figure 8). At about 10.30 pm Hayes was wearing shorts and a t-shirt as it was such a warm night. It is an eerie photograph with the street-lights lighting up the area just behind the invisible entity. Hayes had an unnerving feeling that he was being watched, which culminated in a spate of high Geiger counter readings. As per his usual research routine he immediately took several infrared photographs of the general area around him. High Geiger counts are believed by Hayes to indicate a temporary oranur burst coming from an entity.

The ‘Shadow Man’ was captured in the driveway of an old abandoned house just around the corner from where Hayes lives. In each case he saw nothing at the time of taking the shot.

Figure 8 – Orbs and the Shadow Man

A few night-time images were also captured between 2017 and 2021 by Hayes using an infrared converted digital camera with internal 720nm IR pass filter (no flash) (see left in Figure 8). Photographs were again taken as a result of Geiger counter indications. The orbs were captured in complete darkness in a small woodland area that borders his research area near Oxford, UK.

Figure 9 – Graveside Energy Forms

This one second infrared exposure was taken on the evening of September 21st 2016 at 6.46pm, the location being the graveside of Hayes’ recently deceased cat, Roy (Figure 9). An energetic and larger-than-life character, he had a very strong presence in life. The one second infrared exposure was one of several taken in complete darkness with no flash, after a spate of Geiger counter indications showed that radiation levels had exceeded the 0.20 microSieverts per hour (uSv/hr) threshold Hayes uses for detection purposes. (As an indicator, the normal background of Southgate’s research area can be 0.09 to 0.12 uSv/hr though this is a little higher than average for some parts of the UK). From much work Hayes has found that radiation readings of 0.20 uSv/hr and higher are a good indicator that invisible phenomena may be manifesting nearby or passing above one’s position. This was one of several photographs taken at the location that evening but the only one which showed something other than darkness.

It is also not uncommon for radiation readings to reach as high as 0.35 uSv/hr during ground-level manifestations of invisible phenomena near to one’s position, even if these indications only last for a fraction of a second before returning to normal. In extreme cases where invisible phenomena is passing directly overhead, Hayes has recorded readings as high as 0.6 uSv/hr, although again these were only very brief spikes.

The above photograph was taken using an infrared converted Canon G10 digital camera with an internal 720nm infrared pass filter. This is designed to block ultraviolet and visible light, apart from a small amount of barely visible red that occurs just before the infrared. In this case the camera’s white-balance was set to automatic, giving the photograph a slight pinkish hue due to the camera’s sensors leaning towards the red of our visible spectrum. Despite the apparent brightness of the scene Hayes saw absolutely nothing at the time of taking the shot, nor did he sense anything.

The photograph above shows two separate bursts of an invisible plasma-like energy as it manifests just above the grave and then shoots upwards eventually forming into two similarly shaped masses.

Although initially both images may appear quite similar in shape, much closer examination reveals some quite notable differences in the shape of the complex plasmoidal trails, all of which occurred within the one second exposure.

Figure 10 – Graveside Energy Forms Continued

These 1 second infrared exposures were both taken on the evening of September 24th 2016 around 7pm, again in the vicinity of Roy’s grave (Figure 10). The main image shows two separate invisible light-trails as they shoot straight up from the ground, and then off to the left at a forty-five degree angle before completely dissipating. The light trail on the right hand side appears to be the product of possibly one or two small imp-like beings, as they manifest and shoot skywards.

The enlargement on the right shows the two entities side by side. The entity on the right has noticeable facial-like features and appears to be holding his hands to his ears, and his forearm can be made out.

This next photograph (bottom in Figure 10) shows two more small possible invisible beings captured near Roy’s grave on the same evening. The apparent entity on the right has a noticeable creature-like appearance with an antennae-like appendage, while the other has a more elemental or sprite-like appearance with several appendages resembling antennae. Both images were taken in near total darkness and without flash using an infrared Canon-G10 digital camera with an internal 720nm infrared pass filter. They were taken after Geiger counts indicated that something may be manifesting nearby.

Figure 11 – Further Graveside Energy Forms

The above 15 second infrared exposure (Figure 11) was taken on the evening of October 8th 2016 at 8pm, in total darkness with no flash, at the site of Roy’s grave. It was taken using an infrared Canon G10 digital camera, with an internal 720nm infrared pass filter. The camera’s white balance was set to green grass, making it a pure black and white image, as opposed to the automatic white-balance which gives images a pinkish red hue.

Several exposures were taken at the location after multiple Geiger counter indications convinced Hayes that something may be manifesting nearby. The photograph shows a burst of luminous energy as it manifests from the grave area before shooting up and forming into some type of plasmoidal snake-like entity. Again, despite the whole scene being illuminated by the bright plasmatic energy, Hayes saw nothing at the time of taking the long infrared exposure apart from darkness, nor did he sense anything.

The possible entity appears to have some kind of a beak or bill-like protuberance, as well as noticeable ear-like features (right in Figure 11 above). A shimmering scale-like effect is also noticeable on the entity’s face, along with what appears to be a very thin slit-like eye-like feature. A collar-like effect can also be seen at the point where the entity’s head meets the main body.

Figure 12 – Oranur Light Trails

These light trails are from Southgate’s oranur work in 2017 (Figure 12). They were taken on December 26th at 1:18am using a Sony digital camera (Sony – ILCE 6000) with a 1.5 second exposure. No flash was used. The original colour was orange (left in the figure) but a black and white version is shown here as well (right in the figure). Blue and purple fogs were reported by Reich during the oranur emergency at his laboratory in 1951 (3). Perhaps an orange colour might also be possible at a more moderate oranur level.

Oranur and orgone have also been known to assume cloud-like and misty appearances, Reich and others have reported this effect. The following photographs in Figure 13 show an anomalous mist and were taken after an unusually high Geiger count occurred in the environment (for no explicable reason). Hayes took the following shots using a one second exposure. It was taken in complete darkness, with no flash, using an infrared converted Canon G10 on April 6th 2018 at 8.58pm in the small woodland area near Roy’s grave. Hayes saw nothing at the time. He recorded Geiger counts of up to 0.30 uSv/hr for a few seconds as it passed by. It appears to be illuminating the trees and shrubs and to be almost dripping off the leaves. However in the visible light spectrum Hayes did not see anything unusual. Several photographs were taken.

Figure 13 – Invisible Plasmoidal Mist



New evidence of unusual phenomena, which might be characterised as paranormal (as it shows possible anomalous entities not normally seen) has been presented. This is both from Southgate’s oranur and Hayes’ bio-form work. These photographs show many commonalities which indicate the energy behind the phenomena might have a common origin. Raised Geiger counts, indicative of oranur, accompanied the photographs.

Oranur appears to be associated with other paranormal occurrences such as out-of-body experiences and sightings of unusual figures, both documented in this paper. This suggests the energy may have a central role in the manifestation of such phenomena. Some of the photographs have not been seen for some years before being presented here in this form for the first time.


  1. Southgate, L. (2017)
  2. Boccone, L. (1980) (GRCU Team Leader and Author) UFO – La Realta Nascosta (UFO – The Hidden Reality), Italy, Ivaldi Editore.
  3. Reich, W. (1951) The Oranur Experiment – First Report, Orgone Institute Press, reprinted by the Wilhelm Reich Museum and available from their website pp283. See also physics chapter section on oranur in Wilhelm Reich, Selected Writings (1960), edited by Higgins pp351.

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