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Source of information:  Selected Writings by Wilhelm Reich.  Published by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, copyright 1973.

Anorgonia: The condition of diminished or lacking orgonity (q.v.). or the lack of it

Armor: The total defense apparatus of the organism, consisting of the rigidities of the character and the chronic spasms of the musculature, which functions essentially as a defense against the break-through of the emotions- primarily anxiety, rage, and sexual excitation.

Bions: Energy vesicles that are transitional forms between non-living and living matter.  Their formation constantly occurs in nature through disintegration and swelling of inorganic and organic matter.  Experimental studies of bion formation have demonstrated that they are charged with orgone energy and are capable of cultivation.  Depending upon conditions, bions may develop further into protozoa or degenerate into bacteria.

Character: An individual’s typical structure, his stereotype manner of acting and reacting. The orgonomic concept of character is functional and biological, and not a static, psychological or moralistic concept.

Character analysis: Originally a technique of psychoanalytic therapy developed as a modification of the original symptom and resistance analysis for the purpose of eliminating the defensive function of the character;  now included in psychiatric orgone therapy.

Character armor: The sum total of typical character attitudes, which an individual develops as a blocking against his emotional excitations, resulting in rigidity of the body, lack of emotional contact, “deadness.” Functionally identical with the muscular armor.

Character, genital: The un-neurotic character structure, which does not suffer from sexual stasis and, therefore, is capable of natural self-regulation on the basis of orgastic potency.

Character, neurotic: The neurotic structure resulting from the chronic stasis of bio-energy in the organism.  It functions autonomously and constitutes the background for the symptom neurosis.

Emotional plague: The destructive reaction of the neurotic character on the social scene.

Muscular armor: The sum total of the muscular attitudes (chronic muscular spasms) which an individual develops as a block against the breakthrough of emotions and organ sensations, in particular anxiety, rage, and sexual excitation.

Oranur: Denotes orgone energy in a state of excitation induced by nuclear energy.

Orgasm reflex: The unitary involuntary convulsion of the total organism at the acme of the genital embrace. This reflex, because of its involuntary character and the prevailing orgasm anxiety, is blocked in most humans of civilizations which suppress infantile and adolescent genitality.

Orgastic impotence: The absence of orgastic potency. It is the most important characteristic of the average human of today, and by damming up biological (orgone) energy in the organism provides the source of energy for all kinds of biopathic symptoms and social irrationalism.

Orgastic potency: The capacity for total surrender to the involuntary in the orgastic convulsion, thereby assuring the complete discharge of excitation and the prevention of the stasis of bio-energy in the organism.  Unfortunately, it is usually confused with erective and ejaculatory potency, which are only prerequisites for the establishment of orgastic potency.

Orgone energy (OR): Primordial Cosmic Energy; universally present and demonstrable visually, thermically, electroscopically and by means of Geiger-Mueller counters. In the living organism: Bio-energy, Life Energy. Discovered by Wilhelm Reich between 1936 and 1940. (DOR denotes deadly OR energy).

Orgone Therapy – Physical orgone therapy: Application of physical orgone energy concentrated in an orgone energy accumulator to inorease the natural bio-energetic resistance of the organism against disease.

Orgone Therapy – Psychiatric orgone therapy: Mobilization of the orgone energy in the organism, i.e. the liberation of biophysical emotions from muscular and character armorings with the goal of establishing, if possible, orgastic potency.

Orgonity: The condition of containing orgone energy; the quantity of orgone energy contained.

Orgonometry: Quantitative orgonomic research

Orgonomic (“energetic”) functionalism: The functional thought technique which guides clinical and experimental orgone research. The guiding principle is that of the identity of variations in their common functioning principle (CFP). This thought technique grew in the course of the study of human character formation and led to the discovery of the functional organismic and cosmic orgone energy, thereby proving itself to be the correct mirroring of both living and non-living basic natural processes.

Orgonomy: The natural science of the cosmic orgone energy

Orgonotic: Qualities concerning the orgonity of a system or a condition.

Sex-economy: The body of knowledge within Orgonomy which deals with the economy of the biological (orgone) energy in the organism, with its energy household.

Stasis: The damming up of life energy in the organism.  Energy source of those diseases which result from disturbances within the plasmatic system (biopathies)

Stasis anxiety: The anxiety caused by the stasis of sexual energy in the center of the organism when its peripheral orgastic discharge is inhibited.

Stasis neurosis: The biophysical state of the organism resulting from the stasis of organismic orgone energy.

Work democracy: The functioning of the natural and intrinsically rational work relationships between human beings. The concept of work democracy represents the established reality (not the ideology) of these relationships which, though usually distorted because of prevailing armoring and irrational political ideologies, are nevertheless at the basis of all social achievement.

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