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Selected Writings, An Introduction to Orgonomy

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Selected Writings, An Introduction to Orgonomy
by Wilhelm Reich, M.D.

Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux — 1960

“This anthology of selected writings from the works of Wilhelm Reich
was conceived as an introduction to orgonomy, and it is presented
without editorial comment or interpretation in the simple belief that
those who seek knowledge must go to its source.”
–Mary Boyd Higgins,
Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust
(from Foreword)

For readers unfamiliar with Wilhelm Reich’s literature who are looking for that first book to read, we highly recommend Selected Writings — An Introduction to Orgonomy.  First published in 1960, this anthology was the first re-publishing of Wilhelm Reich’s writings in America since the banning and burning of his literature by order of a 1954 Injunction from a U.S. Federal Court.

This selection of writings from the works of Wilhelm Reich is presented as an introduction to the science  of Orgonomy, and includes key chapters from Ether, God and Devil,  The Function of the Orgasm, Character Analysis,  The Cancer Biopathy,  Cosmic Superimposition,  The Oranur Experiment, and
The Murder of Christ, as well as articles from the Orgone Energy Bulletin.

This anthology is not intended to replace any of Reich’s books, bulletins, and journals, but rather to serve     as an introduction to them.  It is hoped that reading these selections will enable to the reader to follow the functional logic of Reich’s body of work and to experience the excitement of a scientific legacy that extended for over a third of a century, culminating in Reich’s discovery and practical applications of orgone energy.

Selected Writings also contains a brief biography of Reich, a concise chronology of Reich’s scientific development, a glossary of terms from the science of Orgonomy, a bibliography of Reich’s publications,    Reich’s Response to the Federal Court’s Complaint for Injunction, and the Court’s Decree of Injunction ordering the banning and destruction of Reich’s publications.

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The Living Body: Wilhelm Reich’s Influence on Contemporary Psychotherapies


In pursuing the development of psychosomatic medicine and an energetic model of health which respected the importance of psyche and soma equally, Wilhelm Reich created the foundation for what ultimately came to be known as the fields of Body Psychotherapy, Somatic Psychology and others.

Building upon the conference we presented in the summer of 2021, Wilhelm Reich and Psychoanalysis, the goal of this conference is to map the field of body-centered therapy today. Speakers from the Americas, Europe and Australia, representing Reich’s Orgone Therapy as well as a variety of schools which are heirs to Reich such as Radix, Bioenergetics, Biodynamic Therapy, Biosynthesis, Gestalt, Navarro, Core Energetics and other modalities based in important ways on his approach, will present and describe their respective theories, training processes and therapeutic methods.

Historians will present an overview of Reich’s evolution from psychoanalysis to character analysis, to the more body-centered character analytic vegetotherapy, and beyond.

By exploring this field through the common denominator, the theories and techniques developed by Wilhelm Reich, we hope to generate interaction and exchanges and highlight the similarities, differences and relationships between traditions.

With so many schools of therapy represented, there are bound to be some differences of opinion about theory and practice. By bringing them together, we hope to give participants a comprehensive overview of the field and build bridges between individuals and groups who have much in common and might benefit from direct, respectful interaction with one another.

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