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The following is a case of heart problems that has been assisted through orgone irradiation applied to the energy channels elucidated by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
The patient, an 87-year-old woman, presents with ventricular extra-systole, hypertension, panic attacks and gastro-esophageal reflux. Symptoms included frequent headaches, chest pain for which the patient had been taken to the emergency room more than once, difficulty sleeping, spontaneous sweating and accentuated physical weakness. She mainly used an anti-hypertensive drug and one with an anticoagulant effect, as well as various herbal products and Schussler’s salts.

The treatment indicated that with the application of orgone irradiation applied to the TCM channels, a very satisfactory re-balancing of the whole condition had been obtained. This is of considerable interest as it is generally believed within orgonomy that the application of orgone irradiation is not applicable in cases of this type and to heart problems in general. The application followed a period of research regarding a method of orgone irradiation. It led to the design and construction of particular orgone projectors that allow the flow of energy inside flexible metal tubes covered with PVC sheath which are applied directly to the acupuncture points without the use of needles or other traditional TCM instruments. Through these applications of orgone irradiation, with the aim of re-balancing the altered energy channels and over a period of one and a half years, it was possible to achieve the complete elimination of all phyto-therapeutic products, Schussler’s salts, the anticoagulant drug and the near elimination of the anti-hypertensive drug. As for the arrhythmia and panic attacks, they disappeared in the first months of treatment and never reappeared except in sporadic and very short-lived instances.

This treatment case demonstrated the efficacy of orgone irradiation focused on the TCM channels. Further, unlike diffuse irradiation, such as that of an orgone blanket or an orgone cabinet, it appears far more effective in re-balancing energy congestion, particularly at the level of the thoracic segment. This was the situation even in an elderly patient in whom the chronicity of the disease exceeded ten years.


In recent years, orgone uptake and irradiation for therapeutic purposes has been used in combination with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This has led to a fundamental distinction between orgone devices: those that produce diffuse irradiation including the orgone accumulator, blanket and belt, and those that produce local irradiation or the Orgone Projector for Orgonopuncture (1).

The study and research that led to the merging of the two medicines, the orgone and the traditional Chinese, were motivated by the fact that there was a certain number of cases, minimal in reality, that could not benefit from diffuse irradiation. The patients either obtained minimal improvements or no effect at all.
Other doctors and researchers have already tried their hand at merging these two practices, and I cannot fail to mention the research of the German Bernd Senf (2) (3) and the British Leon Southgate (4).
The in-depth study of TCM allowed me to adapt orgone accumulators to the practice of TCM. In particular, I would like to emphasize that I kept the principle of the original orgone projector (sometimes called the orgone funnel), developed by Reich, with the only variant being to minimize the space for collecting orgone energy in the center of the projector. This space currently serves only to house the flexible metal pipes with PVC sheath that direct the energy to specific points. The reduction in space also gives the opportunity of keeping orgone energy in continuous circulation and not making it stagnate. Specially developed connectors allow the hoses to be attached to the various parts of the body.
I would like to mention some important differences from previous research in this field.
1. The first is that it is not necessary to use needles, which have proven to not be essential with this type of irradiation. I would like to point out that past research, including those of Dr. Kavouras, (5) show that orgone irradiation penetrates deep into the body. This is evident because the influence of orgone irradiation without the use of needles reaches even the deepest TCM channels very well. Non-needle therapies are also much easier to apply.
2. The use of copper wires to connect the orgone irradiation source to TCM points has never been practiced.
3. As a consequence of the first two points, flexible PVC-coated metal pipes were always used, based on the fact that energy circulates better in a vacuum than in matter.
4. Through my experience I noticed that the contact between the tube and other parts of the body can produce energy absorption in those body parts. If this happens, the energy can be absorbed locally before reaching the point we are treating. despite the existence of the PVC sheath on the tube. This observation excludes the possibility for the therapist or the patient himself to maintain the tubes with his own hands unless some insulating material is used to avoid energy dispersions.
Below, at the top of figure 1, there are photos of orgone projectors for orgone irradiation at the TCM points used for treatments, while at the bottom of the same figure is an example of a treatment.

Fig. 1: Above the orgone projectors used to treat TCM channels. Below is an example of treatment.


I got to know Elvira, a woman who was 87 years old in June 2022, when she came to me for the first time. On that occasion her lack of energy was evident, so much so that she could hardly speak or stand. On the pulse of the wrist there was an accentuated irregularity of the heartbeat. This was confirmed by the last cardiac Holter (June 2022) carried out which showed atrial fibrillation rhythm with ventricular extrasystoles and an accentuated frequency especially at night with peaks of up to 134 bpm. The diagnosis was paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. During the frequent hypertensive crises, she had headaches and chest pain for which she had been hospitalized more than once. In terms of digestion, she often had bloating and belching. Sleep was somewhat disturbed with night sweats. Sometimes panic attacks arose and Elvira felt fear as her predominant emotion. Later, she would often tell me about her childhood experience of war and bombing.

The patient had already started pharmacological treatments for hypertensive crises when she was 49 and until 2015 she used a series of medications that, from time to time, were changed. From that year until the date I met her for the first time, an ordeal had begun due to the difficulty of finding a suitable drug that would alleviate the symptomatic picture. At the time of the first visit, accompanied by her daughter, she told me that she was using anticoagulant (clopidogrel) and anti-hypertensive (carvedilol and velsartan) as well as two herbal preparations for blood pressure, one for the stomach, Schussler’s salts, and other supplements.

A diagnosis from the point of view of TCM denoted an alteration of the Wood element, in particular of the Gallbladder channel as well as a weakness of the abdomen (or middle Jiao) (6) related to the stomach and digestive function but also the origin of the pulmonary canal. A very strong congestion at the level of the upper Jiao in relation to the Lung and Heart was also evident. The tongue was remarkably red and without any coating, which usually denotes excessive heat that consumes body fluids. Her pulse was fast with a clearly visible irregularity of the heartbeat.

Initially, she felt very uncomfortable in the supine position, so the first treatments were carried out while seated (figure 2). I still remember how during the first treatment she began to feel better. She started to speak and observe positively the effects of the treatment. During the treatment I used the following TCM points: 34GB, 6PE, 7H, 12CV, 36ST, 4DU, 52BL, 6K, 41GB.

We decided to meet once a week. The following week the improvement as a result of the first treatment was still noticeable. By the next week, she noticed less spontaneous sweating. After 4 sessions, she started walking and washing dishes again.

She was given an orgone blanket (size 150×50 with 3 double layers) to use at home.

At the seventh session, her pulse is beating completely regularly. Electrocardiograms carried out in August and September 2022 show an improvement in sinus rhythm with frequencies of 80 bpm and no alterations in the ventricular repolarization phase. In the following year and a half, episodes of arrhythmia were very sporadic and always absent on the occasion of the various cardiac Holters performed.

At the ninth session, blood pressure begins to drop spontaneously. The patient notes how the use of the blanket also has a calming effect on chest tension. Such tension in TCM terms can generate energy stagnation, even what is called excess Fire. The orgone blanket additionally helped her reduce sweating (despite the summer heat!).

In August 2022, due to my absence, we stopped the treatments for a couple of months. Towards the middle of the month she had a rash of shingles. It should be noted that at that time one of the major effects recorded and caused by the Covid vaccine is precisely Herpes zoster, but the patient in question refused to submit to any type of vaccination.

When I returned in October 2022, I noticed that the herpes had spread throughout the left half of the chest from the left side to the back of the spine. The rash had given way to dark patches and the patient was still suffering from post-herpetic neuralgia which also caused her difficulty sleeping. For this reason, treatments were also focused with the aim of improving the situation. At that time, following blood tests that detected high D-dimer, Plavix is replaced with Lixiana (edoxaban) and Dilatrend (carvedilol) with Sequacor (bisoprolol).

We continue the treatments by adapting them to the evolution of the patient. On some occasions the Medical Dorbuster is also applied to sore spots in the area affected by herpes, as the pain-relieving effect is evident. In the following weeks, the slightly dark patches left by the virus began to recede. A month later, following episodes of hematuria, edoxaban is reduced. The following February 2023, an itching suddenly began on the left lower limb at the height of the fibula.

This is followed by a couple of weeks of improvements in correspondence with the treatments and subsequent worsening. The cardiologist who followed up with the patient didn’t believe that the anticoagulant drug was the cause of this irritation. However, the situation was only resolved after the interruption of edoxaban for a few days. Therefore, a more accurate visit was requested which resulted in a discovery of an allergic reaction to edoxaban.
At that time, a Doppler ultrasound was also carried out, which did not show anything relevant.

The leg begins to improve: the itching disappears and the redness and swelling also gradually pass.
Edoxaban was replaced with Equilis (apixaban) which, unfortunately, continued to produce allergic reactions so the cardiologist later prescribed another less problematic drug: Xarelto (rivaroxaban). This was followed by rather quiet months with rare hypertensive crises that were accompanied by headaches during episodes of anger or fear.

In September 2023, blood tests carried out in the middle of the month showed a deficiency of iron and low red blood cells (report at the top in figure 3). The cardiologist permanently suspends the anticoagulant that was causing internal microbleeding. We act with orgone irradiation in particular on 43V, a key point to stimulate the production of red blood cells. Ferradix, a plant-based preparation rich in iron, is also administered. Analyses carried out on 23 October 2023 demonstrated a rise, although still out of the norm (report in the middle in figure 3). A further rise in values is observed by the analyses carried out on 9 January 2024 (report at the bottom in figure 3).

Fig. 3: In the images above, the positive evolution of blood count values from September 2023 to January 2024.

The last electrocardiogram carried out in October 2023 shows an average frequency of 70 bpm, normal atrial-ventricular conduction and no significant disturbances in the ventricular repolarization phase. Figure 4 shows the differences between the Holter made on June 07, 2022 and the last one carried out on December 21, 2023. The arrhythmia is no longer present.

Fig. 4: In the image above, the Holter report performed on June 07, 2022 and in the other the Holter report performed on December 21, 2023. There is a normalization of the heartbeat and the disappearance of the arrhythmia at the same time as the progressive reduction of pharmacological treatment.


This reported case demonstrates the radical change that occurred over a year and a half in a patient with chronic problems and with multiple decades of anti-hypertensive drugs and multiple years of anticoagulant drugs. In it, the main instrument used was that of orgone irradiation upon TCM channels without other intermediary tools and with the gradually elimination of almost all drugs. These last ones were evidently not producing any positive effect on the woman due to her initial condition when I first met her and in some periods were even causing bad effects due to their severe side effects. The patient is currently self-sufficient even though she lives in her daughter’s house and contributes to daily household activities. She is quite satisfied with the almost total elimination of the drugs because she considered them, as well as a burden on daily life, also quite harmful. This indicates how orgone irradiation applied to TCM channels appears to have assisted the recovery of a rather complex and chronic case associated with cardiovascular disease. The influence of orgone irradiation appears to be greater than the application of acupuncture alone. As an example, the author, through consultation with other TCM colleagues and published material, did not find any evidence of the possibility of eliminating anticoagulant drugs with the sole use of traditional TCM instruments In addition, the experience of the last few years, including the case just mentioned, has shown me that even with those patients who do not seem to benefit from diffuse orgone irradiation (belts, blankets and orgone cabinets) due to their energetic situation, it is sufficient to apply orgone irradiation. This can be achieved via the TCM channels within three or four sessions. It appears to change the mode of absorption of the orgone energy compared to diffuse irradiation. Further, it possibly offers a route which might allow the autonomously use of orgone devices.


(1) The term was coined by the Argentinian Dr. Carlos Inza. See Inza, C. (2004). Acupuncture and Orgonomics in the Sea of Energy. First Brazil-Latin America-Body Psychotherapies Convention. Foz do Iguaçu: http://acupuntura-orgon.com.ar/index.htm
(2) Senf, B. (1976). Orgone Energy – Energetic basis of acupuncture. Wilhelm Reich Blätter , 1/76, 15-18.
(3) Senf, B. (1990). Wilhelm Reich: Discoverer of Acupuncture Energy? in Pulse of the planet No.2, Natural Energy Works.
(4) Southgate, L. (2009). Chinese Medicine and Wilhelm Reich: An Analysis of Chinese Medical and Reichian Theories of Life Force And Experimental Orgone- Acupuncture Study, ‎ LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing.
(5) Kavouras, Jorgos, Healing with Orgone Energy (in German), Turm Verlag, 2005.
(6) One of the three vital centers belonging to the San Jiao system (or Triple burner).

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