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Oranur and Paranormal Phenomena – Part One

Part One: An Oranur Medium

Authors: Nik Hayes and Leon Southgate MSc

Reviewer’s Comment:

In the present papers the authors propose that an Oranur field is the basis of most, if not all paranormal phenomena. In the first part of the series they provide some evidence for the above assertion by making reference to a robust literature review where the occurrence of paranormal phenomena can be interpreted as the consequence of higher-than-average orgone energy concentrations in Oranur (the highly excited state of the energy). As the authors establish, the high concentration of orgone energy, can be triggered or excited into the Oranur state by using a radioactive source, or even by consciousness. The second part of the series includes a collection of pictures taken by the authors with an Infra-Red (IR) camera (with no flash) when a sudden and momentous increase of radioactivity occurred (a typical indication of an Oranur field) in a certain location. To the naked eye nothing was seen during these shots but the pictures revealed forms that could not be addressed to a simple mechanical artefact, or to particular concomitant phenomena during the shot (as the flash was absent). The authors hypothesised that the possible bio-forms observed in the pictures were high orgone energy concentrations in its Oranur (highly excited) state quickly moving in space. According to what is reported by the authors, it might be inferred that our sky could be teeming with such bio-forms that are simply manifesting with qualities that are not perceptible to the naked human eye.
Such contributions complement the previous ones recently published by Southgate in JPOT in which he found that an Oranur field at various degrees of excitation can be considered as a fundamental quality to understand the perception of time (thus evidencing the importance of an Oranur field in the economy and understanding of still obscure and difficult to explain phenomena).


In Part One it is explored how oranur, or energised orgone, a type of subtle energy, may be associated both with consciousness and also with paranormal types of phenomena. A theoretical background supporting this hypothesis is presented. Historical evidence and past research that may illustrate such a connection is also discussed.

Part Two will explore unusual phenomena that Southgate and Hayes have photographed during their oranur-associated research. This involves Southgate’s oranur experiment in 2017 and Hayes’ ongoing work with Constable’s claimed orgonotic bio-forms. The similarity and unusual nature of the evidence will be explored.


In the Orgone Continuum (1) it was argued that it would be understandable that orgone itself, the life-force or subtle energy that Wilhelm Reich discovered, may indeed possess consciousness. It may have awareness without the need of a material body. Both philosophically, and with respect to evidence in other fields, such as acupuncture, healing and orgone psychotherapy, it was noted that such might be a coherent position (2).

Hayes and Southgate’s previous joint papers (3) demonstrate that possible living orgonotic entities, termed bio-forms by Trevor Constable in Cosmic Pulse of Life, have good quality evidence supporting their existence. This is from multiple countries, a good number of researchers and over some decades. The main researchers are Constable 1957 – 1975, the Italian team, GRCU, 1976 – to the mid-1980s and Hayes’ work from 2010 through to the present day.

The existence of material boundaries seems to be a characteristic, but not necessarily a prerequisite, of the living. That a portion of orgone plasma may possess consciousness, without material boundary, supports the view that the wider universal field may also have its own awareness. The plasmatic entities seen by Hayes and others still have an energetic membrane presumably, as its outer edges can be perceived under certain conditions.

The term oranur derives from ‘ORgone Against NUcleaR’. Reich, always fond of acronyms, coined this term when he found a new type of energy after exposing a highly concentrated orgone field to a small amount of radium in 1951 (4). Oranur is concentrated, excited orgone. The fastest way to excite orgone is through radioactivity but there are other methods too, such as mechanical or electrical stimulation of a concentrated orgone field. Consciousness itself may also act as an exciting factor. Indeed, it would be strange it if did not, if orgone possesses consciousness as postulated. Orgone has three main states of existence: primary, dynamic orgone, DOR or Deadly Orgone and oranur or excited orgone.

With the concept of aether, the Victorians were familiar with the view of an underlying, universal energy that may have spiritual or consciousness aspects. It is possible that a view that aether exists partly led to the strong Victorian interest in spiritual phenomena. The Victorians appeared to believe that the spiritual and the material were conjoined at the most basic level. This unified view of reality was obfuscated with the rise of modern relativity and quantum mechanical physics. On a practical level it was also assumed that the aether was thoroughly debunked from around the late 19th century. Modern physics thus became all about two extremes: either material/energetic ‘particles’ or transcendental ‘nothingness’.

However, this modern duality may well not be the case in reality. Aether could be existent but merely sidelined for political rather than scientific reasons. The ‘nothingness’ juggernauts of relativity and quantum mechanics would not easily be derailed (what the scientist Demeo called ‘empty space’ theories). There is good quality evidence for the existence of aether which may surpass the evidence given for its dismissal by Michelson and Morley, as Demeo describes (5).

Some of that evidence is actually from Michelson himself. The very person most quoted as disproving aether believed he had later evidenced it. But he was not the only one. Another physicist and student of Michelson, Miller, provided perhaps the best quality evidence for aether. It should be noted though, that both orgone and aether are potentially compatible with modern quantum field theories. These theories view the field as primary and particles as a secondary condensation. The condensation-particle of orgone/aether might be the electron or some other sub-atomic particle. Aether or orgone could be viewed as a primary quantum field.

Oranur as a Medium for Paranormal Phenomena

When considering the causative factors for paranormal phenomena researchers understandably tend to stay within the confines of currently accepted physics. Paranormal occurrences are considered to be either purely spiritual in nature (akin to the empty space ‘nothingness’ of modern physics) or perhaps to be entirely electro-magnetic (‘particulate’ based). There is nothing in-between these two extremes except an intangible, unknown consciousness ‘field’. This is an ‘energy’ that cannot be measured physically but inexplicably affects everything, albeit subtly. Often in paranormal research, Faraday cages are used in order to exclude the possibility of the unusual phenomena being electro-magnetic. However, a Faraday cage itself acts as a partial ORgone ACcumulator (or ORAC), according to Reich (6).

The paranormal phenomena generally turns out to be unaffected by electro-magnetic shielding in the majority of cases. However, most experimenters still strive to demonstrate that electrical effects are not causing any phenomena they observe. So the electrical shielding is partly an attempt to gain validity in the eyes of conventional science and not something arrived at due to empirical factors in paranormal research. The mainstream scientific establishment does not want to understand paranormal phenomena however so no amount of evidence would persuade it. There are already libraries full of such material. Edgar Cayce, the phenomenal and highly documented medical psychic, alone puts such phenomena beyond reasonable doubt, at least in Southgate’s view. Hayes has seen enough paranormal phenomena, and researched it personally, not to doubt its existence and he is aware it possesses a psychic dimension (bio-forms seem to know he is there). Practically speaking though, evidence of the paranormal kind may even be enhanced by electrical shielding (although this is not usually considered).

Dr William Tiller

Some of the strongest evidence for consciousness or even paranormal phenomena comes from Dr William Tiller of Stanford University. His set-ups are unusual in that they are particularly ‘quantitative’ in their approach to psychic phenomena. His experiments, from an orgonomic perspective, appear almost designed to enhance an oranur field. For example, in one experiment he had used both Faraday cages and aluminium foil wraps in the experimental design. The samples were therefore orgonotically charged but this was not all. He made sure he had a number of strong and practised psychic influencers working together to charge up the experimental devices. They were physiologically checked to be in an ideal state to influence objects. This appears to be taking into account a quantitative aspect to the psychic imprinting (as also noted by the Russian researcher, Kozyrev) (7).

Unusually for psychic experiments Tiller got highly significant, strongly repeatable results for psychokinesis effects (8). He was measuring a robust, tangible effect, in this case of a mentally-influenced electronic device and its influence upon biological samples. It was not a deeply hidden effect that needed teasing out. Tiller took an electronic device, orgone charged it within a Faraday cage and in addition stored it within aluminium foil wraps (further increasing the orgone charge). Next, he imprinted the device with strongly quantitative consciousness information (four psychic influencers in peak physiological state). He then stored the device as before in their metal coverings: aluminium foil wraps inside metal Faraday cages. The given rationale would have been to thoroughly exclude electromechanical (EM) effects but the effect would have been to orgone charge. When the electronic device was finally switched on experimentally, presumably it had a small electrical current running through it in order to ‘broadcast’ the imprinted information (Tiller’s words). The current would have excited the residual orgone field thus creating an electro-oranur effect (about which very little is known). Tiller does not mention much about the electrical input in his reports. So altogether it appears that he is, consciously or otherwise, using various aspects of orgone as a quantitative psychic energy. Consciousness is here being treated in a quantitative manner as though it was in some way similar to a substance.

Tiller also found that a camera energised with subtle energy from a practitioner’s body could take pictures through the lens shutter (9). Reich also took very early energy pictures of orgone clouding on photographic plates and demonstrated that orgone cannot be fully shielded (10). He was aware that something other than light could affect light-sensitive plates or films. Hayes has also seen non-lens effects in bio-form pictures (11) and such is described in part two of this series. Tiller appeared to know that this subtle energy field was quantitative but also that it dissipated slowly over time. It is acquired gradually and fades gradually – both well known orgonotic characteristics. He even used a meditation room which was basically a strong orgone room, being metal-lined like Reich’s orgone room at Orgonon or Demeo’s orgone room at Orgonelab in Oregon.

Tiller modified a Geiger Muller tube to produce a Gas Ionisation tube device. This is similar to Reich’s work where he modified a Geiger Muller tube to produce the orgone vacuum tubes (termed VACOR tubes by Reich). Tiller found that his tubes (which registered anomalous electron discharges) were affected by the mind. Again, Tiller’s experiments with these tubes would have utilised both orgone (storage in Faraday cages, usage in an ‘orgone’ room) and oranur effects (voltage applied to an orgone field). Much of the electrical equipment was situated within what was in effect an orgone room. The energy charge must have been very high. Glass (as used in the tubes) is also one of the best dielectric condensing materials for orgone as shown by Reich’s Geiger counter and orgone motor research.

It is documented that Tiller was informed about orgonomy in 1994 by a Dr Roger Taylor, a colleague of the well-known British UFO researcher, Collins (12). Tiller was probably aware prior to this however. Tiller evidenced that strong conscious intention (from four experienced meditation experts), simultaneously imprinted onto an electronic device will subsequently alter cell cultures. It does this according to the conscious intention selected (which was usually suppression or enhancement of standard biological effects in the cell samples). The experimental process can also demonstrate changes at a distance to the experimental test tubes. Additionally, the laboratory where the experiment is undertaken appears to gain some kind of semi-permanent field effect after time. In other words, an area of unusual effects is created by continual experimentation in that locale. Again this is a known orgone effect as Hayes can attest to after doing much experimentation in the same area with cloudbusters and bio-form attraction. Southgate is also familiar with such an orgone field effect on an environment from the oranur cabinet. Tiller’s device and cultures were kept in Faraday cages, which are in effect orgone accumulators, though relatively weak ones.

Tiller certainly seems to know of a ‘quantitative’ effect of consciousness and of some kind of non-electro-magnetic energetic effect. It is not a simple matter to get highly statistically significant results showing a direct effect of consciousness upon matter. Southgate believes Tiller was successful and gained significant results because he incorporated oranur aspects of consciousness into his research methods. Perhaps consciousness is indeed inseparable from a subtle energy as Tiller now believes. Southgate considers that consciousness is not directly associated with either electro-magnetic effects or a non-physical, purely spiritual field. Consciousness could rather be an aspect of a physical entity which can be measured and accumulated. Therefore if one concentrates the oranur one will concentrate the paranormal effects. Southgate believes that Tiller may be aware of this subtle energy principle and that is why his statistical significance levels are so strong.

Researchers such as Jahn and Radin of PEAR labs (13) on the other hand also showed that the mind can influence materiality directly. Their experiments mostly used intention to influence random event generators (REGs). They demonstrated definite effects of the mind over matter (through a departure from random in the REGs. However, perhaps because, unlike Tiller, they were not able to incorporate the apparently quantitative aspects of consciousness, they had to rely on large numbers of data points to extract the effects. This does not diminish that those effects were real and were meticulously demonstrated over many years of research. It is just that without a quantitative approach to consciousness the effects were necessarily not as strong and therefore required a lot of statistical power to illuminate.

It appears that Tiller was aware of subtle energies since at least the mid 1970s. Gerber provides an in-depth overview of the subtle energy maps Tiller elucidates (14). It is not a coincidence that Tiller, Southgate and Hayes, and Russian researchers, such as Kozyrev have all been lead toward similar views of consciousness and paranormal phenomena.

Time Storms and Oranur

An author and researcher, Jenny Randles, has investigated strange occurrences wherein an energy ball appears and effects time or dislocates people and vehicles in space (15). Much of Randle’s descriptions lends itself to considering that the energy concentrations described are of an oranur nature. Many of the descriptions would be familiar to readers of Reich’s Oranur experiment (16). Additionally, if time itself is analogous to the movement of subtle energy, and energy possesses consciousness (as orgone) then a super concentration of oranur would logically affect time itself, as Southgate has argued elsewhere (17). Randles however proposed that the strange time anomalies she reports were caused by some kind of natural warp or tear in the space-time continuum that Einstein has described. The events reported by Randles typically involved a foggy, illuminated cloud appearing at ground level and being associated with time-slips, relocation, property and bodily effects.

Following are some of the phenomena Randles noted. The classifications are according to orgonomic principles:

Oranur-like Overcharge

• Burns.
• Sunburn.
• Headaches.
• Nausea.
• Rashes.
• Hot Feelings.
• Water Consumed.
• Effects upon Eyes.
• Red/Purple Coloured.
• Illuminated Cloud (indicating power source).
• Foggy.


• Skin Tingles/Goosebumps.
• Hair on End.
• Engines Shorted.


• Sense of being Watched.
• Wooziness.

Southgate believes that if the above phenomena are indeed time-slips they would likely have an oranur basis and could therefore be both natural and artificial in causation (with the common functioning principle being a substantial increase in oranur energy).

Ark of Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant of the ancient Hebrews was known to have many paranormal effects, as detailed in the Bible and elsewhere.

These include:
• Levitation.
• Weather Changes.
• Glowing Clouds.
• Creation of Matter (Manna). (Manna is indirectly associated with the Ark through the cloud that accompanied both the Lord of the Old Testament and the Ark – see Isaacs, Talking With God. See also Exodus 16:34. Reich too had noted the creation of matter from orgone in Experiment XX).
• Destruction of Matter (Walls of Jericho).
• Transmutation of Matter (the gold-based consumable, spiritual-enhancing white powder, possibly monatomic gold).
• Spirit Communication.
• Energy Discharges.
• Time Changes.
• Biological Effects.

This energy of the Ark was also known by the Hebrews to speed up time. The Ark was thought to enhance animal and human fertility and boost fruit ripening and plant growth (18). The Ark’s energy source was almost certainly oranur being an orgone box activated by a mysterious small substance or stone. This activating agent was the shamir according to Maglione or the schethiya according to Gardner. In addition, the Rabbi Isaacs recognises that the Ark was highly radioactive though he was not aware of oranur when he wrote his book on the subject (19). Perhaps the Ark itself hints at time travel. It appears in the Bible both before it is constructed in the narrative and after it has become unknown to the Hebrews (Exodus 16:34 and Revelation 11:9 respectively).

Reich described ‘gremlins’ occurring around the oranur experiment, things being moved mysteriously (20). Also UFOs were highly attracted to oranur. Reich, Demeo, Eden and others all had UFO experiences linked to cloudbusters (21). UFO’s are inextricably linked to orgone it would appear. Reich thought they were propelled by orgone or oranur as there are many similarities between the claimed orgone motor and UFO propulsion, such as silent running, cold propulsion and sudden changes in direction, defying inertial limitations (22). In addition, the paranormal aspect of many phenomena, such as telepathic contact, spiritual experiences, time slips and the remembering of past lives is bound up to UFOs through contactee experiences. For more on this see Rodwell’s well-written and fascinating accounts (23). So indirectly, a strong link already exists between oranur and paranormal phenomena in the shape of UFO-connected phenomena.

Torsion Fields

Russian subtle energy research also supports a connection between oranur and paranormal effects. There are many papers examining what has been termed torsion fields or torsion energy by Russian professors, such as Kozyrev and others, including researchers at Moscow University examining consciousness and torsion fields in the 1990s (24). Torsion fields are unable to be shielded, have biological effects and create a change in temperature. The Russian Torsion temperature experiments excluded the effects being thermal or mechanical in causation. These effects are also well known characteristics of orgone including non-shielding, rise in temperature (To-T) and biological associations (25). In addition, metal-lined enclosures, called Kozyrev Mirrors, are used to concentrate the torsion fields. This is very similar to Reich’s orgone accumulators. It appears that torsion fields and orgone are quite possibly the same energy.

Kozyrev’s views on time developed from his understanding of an energy underlying reality which initiates movement (manifesting in subtle torsion or twisting fields). He came to see time as identical to, or an aspect of this subtle energy. Time being an energetic phenomena is similar to Southgate’s views on time (26). Time therein being the flow of consciousness (which in turn is the flow of orgone). There is no such thing as non-time in Southgate’s view as this would imply a state of non-energy and non-consciousness. In Kozyrev’s view time is allied with a subtle energy which in turn affects time and consciousness. Move the torsion field therefore and one also moves time and perception. On a side-note, some in the USSR were familiar with orgonomy right from its outset. The Kremlin ordered copies of orgonomic literature in the 1940s. The Soviets also reportedly had ORACs in hospitals at this time. Reich believed the first orgone motors may have ended up in the USSR possibly via a student, Washington, who had worked for Reich in 1948 (27).

Orgone research has much it could learn from present day Russian studies. Many physical effects of subtle fields have been outlined which are as yet unknown within orgonomy. One such is the effect of torsion fields upon very subtle mechanical devices (torsion detectors) or upon the rate of quartz pulsation (28). Torsion fields are known to be associated with consciousness and paranormal effects. It is also known to Russian researchers that the stronger the torsion field is (and the weaker the background electromagnetic field) the greater the psychic effects obtained. Reich viewed orgonotic forces as primary (orgone, oranur) and electromagnetic forces as secondary (particles/electrical forces). These two sets of forces being antithetical, though ultimately derived from a common source (the orgone). A ‘torsion field psychic-enhancement’ versus an ‘electromagnetic psychic-suppression’ effect would therefore be supported by orgonomy (certainly if orgone and consciousness are unitary).

If oranur is an excitation of the conscious orgone, then one would expect paranormal phenomena to be related to it. The more such energy one has, the more psychic effects one would expect. Wilcock, who became somewhat of an expert on Russian torsion field research believes there are somewhere in the region of 10,000 Russian language papers on torsion fields, though many remain classified or untranslated (29).

Southgate has made a modified torsion detector for use with oranur. It uses a gold plated acupuncture needle that has been oranur charged for some days (gold is shown historically to be the best accumulating material and oranur charging the needle may further enhance any effects). The needle is suspended on a thread at a balancing point on the handle area (near the midpoint of the needle) in a plastic cylinder jar.

One can gets one’s orgone field strong by breathing and then point a finger at Point A (see Figure 1) a few millimetres from the sharp tip of the needle in line with the angle of the needle horizontally. Then await a tingling sensation. Next slowly move the finger left and right horizontally. If the energy charge is good the needle will follow the finger by a few degrees perhaps. On a good day the needle can be made to bounce sideways by a small amount. It works more easily when there is clear sunny weather. Sometimes the effect is enhanced when the other hand is cupped around the other side of the cylinder (without touching it). The needle will also react in the same way to orgone compounds (orgonite) particularly if there is a sharp tip that can be pointed at the sharp end of the gold needle in the device. The large oranur acupuncture tube which is stored in Southgate’s oranur box creates a deflection more easily, up to approximately 20 degrees laterally. The gold needles are commercially bought ordinary surgical steel acupuncture needles that have been electro-plated with gold.

There are videos of Russian torsion detection devices reacting to the energy field from a person’s hands. It was one of these devices that Southgate adapted so that it would be sensitive enough to react to an oranur tube (30). An orgone acupuncture or oranur tube is based on Bernd Senf’s work and is a metal pipe surrounded by hundreds of layers of plastic and aluminium foil sheeting. The one used is approximately 2 foot long by 6 inches in diameter and has been oranur charged. The layering material overhangs the inner metal tube by an inch or so with mostly the non-magnetic aluminium and plastic being at the front open end of the tube. The other end of the tube is closed by the layering material.

That the adapted torsion meter may react to oranur indicates that the two energies are possibly the same. The tube was tested for electrical charge and none was found. That the meter also reacts (at times) to bodily orgone indicates that it is likely not a magnetic effect. The finger used was tested for static charge using a thin piece of tissue and none was found. A magnet will deflect the needle sharply but the oranur or body orgone on the other hand seems to form an invisible ‘bridge’ which then ‘pulls’ the needle when the oranur source is moved slowly horizontally. This ‘bridge’ can actually be felt tingling on the end of one’s fingertip. This aspect is not entirely simple however as strong orgone charges will also deflect a magnetic needle, the relationship between magnetism and oranur is still unclear. Southgate thinks that magnetism may even be a kind of molecular orgone flow.

Figure 1 – Adapted Torsion Detector


Additionally there is a device known as an Egely Wheel from Hungary, which is similar to a torsion meter in principle and is used to measure subtle energy flow from the hands. This lightweight wheel moves according to the flow of energy from a person’s hands. This device has been shown previously to react to oranur (31). Recently it has been found that placing the wheel at the periphery of a strong oranur field (on the outside surface or near to the outside surface of the oranur box at peak charge) is the most conducive position to obtaining movement of the device solely through the action of the oranur field. This is additional evidence that torsion fields and oranur are similar.

Intention Research

The intention experiments cited by McTaggart, the author of ‘The Field’ and a researcher who does not usually mention orgone or aether, has reported on the quantitative aspects of consciousness research, albeit indirectly. She notes that when people are gathered together in one place (in order to have an intention effect) it is stronger than when the participants are spread out across the world and only connected via the internet. In other words being materially present together in a group boosts the effects. Southgate would argue that the boosting effect is because the orgone energy fields of the participants are enhancing each other and combining as one field such as one might find in a place of worship or at a concert (32).

Neolithic Monuments

It is quite probable that Newgrange and similar Neolithic monuments were oranur energy psychic-enhancement devices. As Comerford describes in his detailed book, the huge mound structure at Newgrange in Ireland is composed of layered material as in an ORAC but using turfs, dry stones and a kerbstone insulator. Some stone and granite materials are also known to have low levels of radioactivity, so some degree of oranur effect might also be naturally afforded (as also in the Giza Pyramids). It is known from excavations that the mound was layered with organic and inorganic materials exactly as in an ORAC (33). In addition, the mound being underneath the ground surface would shield from EMF fields and thus amplify subtle energy fields – perfect for psychic enhancement effects. In comparison to the size of the mound the inner chamber is quite small. It would probably be quite an intense experience being inside this chamber for some time.

Famous Paranormal Events

In the claimed events of the infamous Philadelphia Experiment the US Navy’s invisibility efforts were said to have inadvertently caused time and dimensional shifts with devastating effects. Al Bielek, who states to have been involved in the work, related how the whole project was greatly rushed due to the pressures of attacks on shipping by U-Boats during WW2. Initial successes were not treated with the caution warranted but huge leaps were made before the process was understood. Again, the energies in general seem to have a strong oranur component. The key detail from this point of view was that Bielek claimed that the old-style thick steel decks on WW2-era warships protected those on the lower decks from suffering the full effects that those on the upper decks experienced. Steel decks would deflect orgone and oranur more effectively than modern lighter-weight alloys (orgone cannot be completely shielded but it can be impeded or deflected to some extent by very dense materials). Also those who were moderately affected could be treated later using hands-on healing, Bielek stated. This suggests that something went wrong with an energy which is also biological in nature like oranur (34). Bielek makes no references to orgone in this piece and is unlikely to be aware of these associations.


Jessica Jones is an American remote viewer and big foot (Sasquatch) researcher. In one expedition she led a team which saw a cube-shaped portal appearing in a dense, remote wood which had very strange effects. Heat signatures for the proximity disappeared, the environment within the immediate area of the cube portal completely changed, a black velvet-like sensory curtain appeared which marked off the area. The cube shrank, and then moved away and disappeared. Jones noted that radiation effects always appear near paranormal phenomena. This indicates charged particle flux (which is an effect of oranur). It sounds like the radiation was extremely high near the cube: two of the team got sick in the year afterwards. She notes that UFOs, strange lightning effects, orbs, and big foot appearances are always accompanied by a spike of such radiation (35).

Crop Circles

It is commonly reported that spending time within crop circles can cause strange physical and mental effects. Barnes, who lives in the North West of England and seems to regularly see UFOs, reports that as a young man he used to go to crop circles in Wiltshire. He would often feel strange energies within these formations and one time, when he meditated within a circle, he later found that he was affected by unusual skin rashes, very itchy with red blotches, which persisted for some days (36). Barnes may have seen a UFO later that day (he was staying in the area). The author wonders if his close connection to UFOs in later years was affected by his earlier fascination with crop circles. Genuine circles, apart from their visual complexity, are easy to identify as the stems are bent as if by steam rather than broken. Some believe they are made by energetic imprint via an orb, perhaps controlled from a UFO. Southgate considers that Barnes’ rash may have been caused by oranur energies residual in the crop circle created by its mode of construction. The Ark of the Covenant and Reich’s oranur experiment could also cause strange skin rashes.


Other ORAC-like Devices:

Orgonomy is not the only science to have used devices similar to ORACs.


Nostradamus reportedly used a kind of ORAC. He is believed to have used a mirrored, egg-shaped cabinet (said to be made of polished copper, brass and bronze with silver fastenings) to sit within, presumably to enhance his psychic powers (Figure 2). Nostradamus himself would have been the organic, dielectric element of the ‘ORAC’.alongside any residual waxing materials used to polish the metals into a mirror or any outer organic coverings which have been lost to history.

Figure 2 – Nostradamus Cabinet


Mesmer’s bacquet was in effect a combined ORAC and medical DOR-buster (a kind of cloud-buster used for healing), see Figure 3 below. Mesmer’s ‘animal magnetism’ was thought to affect both the mind and the body and in many ways was similar to orgone in its effects. The bacquet contained glass bottles of subtle energy charged water, stones and metals. People held the ends of the cords so their individual body orgone would also participate as a group and increase any effect.

Figure 3 – Mesmer’s Bacquet


The 19th Century Austrian chemist, prolific inventor (creosote being one of his many compounds) industrialist and subtle energy researcher, Baron Von Reichenbach, used iron plates, metal wires, glass rods and organic materials to affect the passage of a subtle energy that he called od or the odic force. It is pronounced ‘ode’ as it is named after Odin – to symbolise a powerful force that is everywhere (similar to a universal orgone). Some researchers call it odyl.

Like orgone, it was affected by the sun, the living and the mind. In Vienna, (contrary to Berlin which was quite hostile to his work) there were many psychic ‘sensitives’ as they were called then. These were people who were particularly attuned to subtle energies (not mediums or psychics, just those who were adept at feeling subtle energy). Reichenbach demonstrated that this energy was gathered from living beings, crystals, the sun and could be channelled along materials at slow speeds. He found that it was this energy that may be involved in various psychic phenomena.

On a side-note, controlling for Faraday’s pressure based objections, Reichenbach showed that it was this odic energy that could be the force in Victorian ‘table turning’ during séances – which was very popular at the time. Reichenbach, although interested in consciousness and spiritual phenomena, remained a scientifically-minded, careful experimentalist. He was however derided, labelled a Mesmerist and given much criticism. He was saddened by the generally dismissive attitude shown towards his painstaking work over many years opting eventually to continue it alone in his Austrian castle.

Reichenbach found that there are two main types of subtle energy flow: a warm, depleting flow from the left hand and the base of crystals and a cool, invigorating flow from the right hand, the apex of crystals and other materials. Such a ‘handedness’ or some kind of polarity to subtle energy is not known within orgonomy. He found that his sensitives could feel the flow of od, as well as visualise it and sense the difference when facing the various compass points. They also found that they felt much more peaceful sleeping with their head towards the north. This Reichenbach felt was because of the polarity of od in the body. Constable, who experimented with cloudbusters and claimed to have discovered orgonotic bio-forms, originally used a subtle energy exercise where he would turn through the four compass points with arms outstretched (to attract the bio-forms). This was known as the star exercise (37).

Reichenbach demonstrated that this od energy was in the atmosphere and concentrated in the living and the sun. He also managed to visualise it to sensitives directly with the aid of light-sealed dark rooms. After a lengthy period of acclimatisation (up to 2 hours) a subtle fiery flame can be seen from crystals, the living and objects charged with od. The contemporary of Reichenbach, the great natural philosopher, Goethe, was also aware of a glowing force around living things. Reichenbach’s work was recognised by a few great scientists at the time, such as the pioneer in cathode rays, William Crookes.

Reich’s glowing vacuum tube anomalies were also seen in early experiments in the late 1800s, which O’Byrne, a biographer of Reichenbach, relates to the activity of od in a vacuum (38). Incidentally, Reich also spent hours in the dark in his orgone room in order to visualise orgone. Reichenbach would probably have classed him as a ‘sensitive’ though possibly most people can learn to see orgone under the right circumstances Southgate believes.


The Russian torsion field researcher Prof. Kozyrev used an ORAC-like device which had pronounced psychic and paranormal effects according to reports. It is also said to have had effects upon time itself. Similarly to the orgone theory of time, Kozyrev considered time as an aspect, or even directly related to the torsion field, as previously noted. A person can sit within the spiral-shaped metal cabinet termed a Kozyrev mirror (Figure 4). Strange effects are subsequent, particularly on the cognition of time. Research and development in Russia and elsewhere are still ongoing (39). There are a number of clinics with devices based on Kozyrev mirrors currently in use in Russia.

Figure 4 – Kozyrev Mirror

If orgone is a conscious energy it would make sense if consciousness itself could excite it. If excited orgone is the same as oranur, consciousness should be able to create oranur, especially if the orgone concentration in an environment is already dense. Perhaps the ability of people like Uri Geller and others to have paranormal effects is partly explained by this association. Incidentally, it is known that Geller has been able to strongly influence Geiger counters in the past (40).


The possible commonality between consciousness and orgone has already been explored elsewhere. Oranur logically would have connections to the paranormal due to such phenomena involving unknown forces which may also possess consciousness. An excitation of orgone affected by consciousness would by definition result in oranur (excited orgone).

It appears that there may also be an association between paranormal phenomena and oranur in practice. Psychic phenomena in orgone-type devices (such as those used by Dr Tiller and Prof. Kozyrev) alongside Geiger count spikes near paranormal occurrences support this conclusion. Also, historical examples (the Biblical Ark, Nostradamus, Mesmer and Reichenbach) lend substance to this view.

It is argued therefore that oranur may perhaps form a medium for the transmission of paranormal observations.

In Part 2 of this paper Southgate’s oranur work and Hayes’ oranur-associated bio-form research is presented. Both work appears to have visualised forms which could be described as paranormal in appearance.


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