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Orgonomy Conference November 17, 2018 in Glendale California

On November 17, 2018 an Orgonomy conference was held in Glendale, California titled, "Wilhelm Reich and the Science of Life Energy – Orgonomy".

Dr. Conny Huthsteiner gave welcoming and introductory remarks. She stated:

I want to welcome everybody here. If there is any problem with the sound please let me know. My name is Conny Huthsteiner. I am psychiatrist. I want to welcome you all. I am very happy so many people are interested in coming to hear our conference here today. I want to start thanking people who are central to this organization, the main person being Dr. Simonian, who was the driving force and really made this conference happen in all ways, shapes and forms. And I want to thank our speakers. One has come from Oslo, Norway, and the other has come from the country side near Milan, Italy. I very much appreciate them both taking the time and the trouble to take a long flight to participate. I wanted to just start by saying I had hoped that in some way this conference would be sort of a celebration. Wilhelm Reich is known to most of you in some way. He was an incredibly prolific thinker, writer, inventor and unfortunately tragically died in a terrible situation in a United States prison after his books were burned multiple times. And yet, despite much public disparagement of his work and his character, and many lies about his work, it has persisted.

I was hoping today we would be able to talk about some of the ways we are actually moving his work forward. His work seems to be surviving all the various and sundry developments in multiple fields of science with a great degree of strength. In other words, this man was writing his ideas in the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, and yet they’re all holding up under scrutiny. As our own concepts in science have advanced since his death in 1957, I can’t think of one idea that he had that is not still legitimate, which I think is extraordinary. I don’t know many thinkers who are able to cut so sharply with a knife conceptually that they get so many things right even with very few tools at his disposal to work with. And so as a consequence I really hope that this conference would be more of a celebration of what he has done and where we see this potentially moving forward in the future. In many ways I feel Reich’s work and life represent the ultimate revolution. And certainly he wrote very famous book, although he effectively never receives credit for that phrase, called "The Sexual Revolution", even though that defined cultures in Europe and United States in an extraordinary way since the 1940’s 50’s and 60’s. I think that’s maybe because he addressed the core issue that all humans grapple with, and that is how to find true love, how to be capable of true deep satisfaction and find love that we all find fulfilling. Now you might obviously ask a question, well how we go from talking about love to talking about atmospheric physics? It does not appear as if there is a logical direct connection between the two, and yet there is; and that’s what’s so remarkable and revolutionary about his thinking. His thinking was able to really introduce revolutions not just in the field of human relationships but also in psychotherapy approaches. In many aspects of healthcare, he has introduced things that could be potentially truly completely altering of our healthcare landscape. He really developed a concept of energy that would allow us to use an unlimited source of energy without destroying our environment through its utilization, which, in of itself, at this time, when we are having so many problems with our energy utilization, it’s obviously of absolute importance. There is also the issue that he had ideas for how actually influence weather events so as to lead to a healing of our atmosphere, and a resetting of our atmosphere to a status that would be still conducive to living here on the planet longer. Ultimately in some ways Reich did toward the end of his life speak more even just about issues of consciousness. Scientist are often put in pigeon holes or pockets, the same with psychologists or psychiatrists, and same with philosophers. One of the things I think he was quite extra ordinary at was spanning so many fields of inquiry, successfully. So, it’s very hard to pigeon hole him in some ways. But as I said at the beginning his life ended pretty tragically, very tragically by anybody’s standards. I think that has left an impact on his legacy. I know in the years following his passing many physicians who worked with him were quite intimidated or frightened about the possibility themselves of coming under professional scrutiny or harassment. I think the question often remains for many people, why would he be so aggressively attacked? And, who would be behind it? What are the factors at play on our planet that would lead to this? I think that has held people back. But as I said, today I was hoping we could try to focus instead more on what he did create and what we could do with it. Will we be able to bring it back into the foreground successfully enough to use it going to the future? I feel it’s our responsibility to try to do that, to try to either teach more about it, influence people in some way, try to show people what he really did. But I realize also, if there is going to be a change happening in human consciousness or in our understandings of science, and the relationship between our emotions and our physical world and our happiness in general, that’s a revolution that’s going to have to happen on its own time. Unfortunately, none of us are going to be able to force it but certainly it’s worth an effort. So, we have kind of mixed program today and we are trying to address some issues of research going on right now. I wanted to show a little bit of a film: "A Man’s Right to Know". It was created by the Wilhelm Reich Museum. It gives a more general biographical history of Reich, maybe more detailed than I’m giving right now. I wanted to also introduce a little bit of our speakers just so people know who they are. Dr. Simonian is a psychiatrist here in Los Angeles. He grew up in Iran and he has translated "The Function of Orgasm" from English into Persian and in that way really came to know some of the fundamentals of Reich’s theories very well. He practices Orgone therapy here in Los Angeles and also has lectured at different conferences about Reich and psychiatry. We have Roberto Maglione is a colleague from Italy. Roberto is quite an interesting person and very sweet person and has an interesting background. He actually is a mining engineer but he got very interested in Reich’s work in the 1990’s and has since written 10 books on Reich which most of them are in Italian but there are four books in English that he has here, all of which I think are very very interesting books and they are for sale out in the lobby. He has worked extensively in the field of weather research but also has studied issues of physical tests and issues that Reich discussed toward the end of his life: the inter play of orgone energy with nuclear material, the "Oranur experiment" as we call it; and also some of Reich’s experiments on biogenesis or the evolution of life. His books are also available out there in the lobby to look at. We also have Havard Neilson from Oslo. He is an associate professor at the Norwegian University in Oslo area. He has a PHD in political science history and also is a visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge for several years. He is going to be speaking on the political history of Reich in the period in the interwar years. My name is Conny Huthsteiner I’m a psychiatrist. I can say when I first got interested in Reich I was actually working as a singer and in film. I remember I had enrolled in a theater class. In that theater seminar the leader used some Orgone therapy techniques that were very, very intense. They elicited a lot of emotion in me and I was interested in what he had done. I had known Reich’s name as a child as growing up because my father was a psychiatrist so I basically started doing research into his life. and that was back in 1980. I ended up then enrolling in medical school and became a psychiatrist. So, it’s been a long road getting here but it’s an issue that’s never let me go. In other words, the study of the knowledge that Reich brought forth is that important that I would continue on this path. I’m not sure about everybody’s background in Reich. I have often hoped that we can put together a project in which we can talk about Reich’s major theoretical developments. Although it is hard to get into it right now, he really was the father of body-integrated psychotherapy which is now manifested in many forms, many different schools of body oriented psychotherapy. It’s a psychotherapy form that works much more intensively often than normal talk therapy. Through that work he really came to understand what energy in the body is, and was able to see the connection between the energy in the body and the energy in the atmosphere at large. These are just a few of some of his basic trends of thinking. Maybe I could start the Man’s Right to Know film.

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Conference: Wilhelm Reich & The Science of Life Energy

8:30 am – 9:00 am
Registration. Coffee and light breakfast.

9:00 am – 9:30 am
Welcome and introductory remarks by Conny Huthsteiner, M.D.

9:30 am – 9:45 am
Introductory movie, "Man’s Right to Know" produced by Wilhelm Reich Museum.

9:45 am – 10:45 am
Stephan Simonian M.D. "Evolution of psychiatric orgone therapy
from psychoanalysis and its medical,
psychiatric and social consequences."

10:45 am – 11:00 am
Questions and answers.

11:00 am – 11:15 am
"Rain makers" video by Peter Mackie.

11:15 am – 12:00 pm
Roberto Maglione, MSc: "Using Reich’s Cloudbuster to
combat atmospheric pollution."

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Lunch break (buffet).

1:00 pm – 1:45 pm
Conny Huthsteiner, M.D. "Cloudbusting by Reich in Contact with
Space: Strategy to combat global warming."

1:45 pm – 2:30 pm
HavardFriis Nilsen, Ph.D: "Between Black and Red Fascism:
Wilhelm Reich’s Political Theories
and Experiences in the Interwar Years."

2:30 pm – 2:45 pm
Questions and answers.

2:45 pm – 3:00 pm
Coffee break.

3:00 pm – 3:45 pm
Roberto Maglione, MSc: "The origin of an Oranur reaction
and the orgone motor."

3:45 pm – 4:00 pm
Questions and answers.

4:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Time permitting panel discussion.

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$ 55.00
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Branches of Orgonomy and a Question to our Readers

Orgonomy grew in the womb of psychoanalysis. Dr. Reich considered his work as an extension of Freud’s libido theory. Freud proposed three major psychoanalytic theories:

  1. Libido theory (the theory of psychosexual energy).
  2. Topographic theory (the theory of the conscious and the unconscious).
  3. Structural theory (the theory of the id, ego, and superego).

Freud’s students one by one abandoned the libido theory because of its social, cultural and political consequences and elaborated endlessly on the topographic as well as structural theories. However Reich recognized the significance of libido theory, the theory of energy and further developed this theory in the laboratory and the clinic into the science of orgonomy. Hence orgonomy is an extension of Freud’s libido theory. Dr. Reich himself in the book, Reich Speaks of Freud, states, “Basically, Freud discovered the principle of energy functioning of the psychic apparatus. The energy-functioning principle. This was what distinguished him from all other psychologists. Not so much the discovery of the unconscious. The unconscious, the theory of the unconscious, was to my mind, a consequence of a principle he introduced into psychology. That was the principle, the natural scientific principle, of energy—the ‘libido theory’.” – (Reich, Wilhelm: Reich Speaks of Freud, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1967, p. 15).

Front row: Sigmund Freud, G. Stanley Hall, Carl Jung
Back row: Abraham A. Brill, Ernest Jones, Sándor Ferenczi

Reich’s early works were mostly concerned with the treatment of the patients and dealt with their psychological health and illness. In his therapeutic work, Dr. Reich developed two major orgonomic theories, the orgasm theory and the theory of emotional and physical armoring. His clinical experience brought to light the significance of a proper metabolism of sexual energy in the human organism, which Dr. Reich called “sex economy”. In his book The Function of Orgasm, (Reich, Wilhelm: The Function of Orgasm, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1973 p. 5). Dr. Reich states, “Sex-economy is a natural scientific discipline. It is not ashamed of the subject of sexuality, and it rejects as its representative everyone who has not overcome the inculcated social fear of sexual defamation.” In the same book (p. 3) Reich writes, “The subject of ‘sexuality’ virtually cuts through all scientific fields of research. In its central phenomenon, the sexual orgasm, we meet the questions deriving from the field of psychology as well as from the physiology, from the field of biology no less than from that of sociology. Natural science offers hardly another field of research that is so well equipped to exhibit the fundamental unity of everything that lives and to guard against narrow, fragmentizing specialization. Sex-economy became an independent discipline having its own method of research and its own body of knowledge. It is a natural scientific, empirically founded theory of sexuality.”

Reich during the First Orgonomic Conference, Orgonon, August 1948

Orgonomy, by virtue of dealing with orgone energy, the life energy, touches many aspects of our lives. In addition to psychology and medicine it has branches in sociology, biology, and orgone physics. It is crucial that orgonomic knowledge be understood and that this knowledge be available for the public. We believe that this knowledge, if properly applied, has great potential to help human beings evolve toward a humanity worthy of the name, in touch with their innermost core and able to feel and to love. As a small step toward these ends, the Institute for Orgonomic Science is planning a series of conferences, and one such conference is being planned for the Los Angeles area.

The Institute for Orgonomic Science (IOS) has prepared the following questionnaire that we ask our interested readers to take few minutes to respond to, to help us prepare for this conference.

Dear Interested Reader,

The Institute for Orgonomic Science (IOS) is an organization that is dedicated to the science of orgonomy and the work of Wilhelm Reich. The IOS is planning a three-day conference on different aspects of orgonomy to be held in the Fall of 2016 in the Los Angeles, CA area. This conference will feature presentations by an international group of researchers on different aspects of orgonomy. Included will be presentations on Reich’s sociological concepts; on medical and psychiatric aspects of orgonomy such as psychiatric orgone therapy, and on work in the natural sciences such as the bion experiments, orgone physics and weather engineering. The fee for attending the conference is estimated to be $190 for the entire three-day conference or one-day participation on a particular topic for $90. If you are interested in attending in such a conference please click HERE and express your interest in attendance. Please also let us know which of the above-mentioned topics you are most interested in, or if you would like to see presentations on other orgonomy-related topics. This information will help the organizers decide about the program and venue, etc. We will send you further information when the details of the conference are worked out.

Thank you for your help in this matter.

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