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Possible Environmental and Shamanic Effects of Oranur

Background & Synposis

Southgate’s previous work explored the relationship of orgone to consciousness. This was firstly from a theoretical perspective (1). Later, given that conscious beings generally have higher orgone charges, Southgate felt that repeating Reich’s Oranur* Experiment was required. A practical examination of the Oranur Experiment, using a scaled down version of Reich’s work, was commenced (2). It was then found that a low-charge oranur device could move a lightweight instrument and thus produce complex numerical data from an orgone stream. A paper examined if there could be conscious patterns within that data (3). A related avenue found that the oranur device might also have effects upon the environment similar to that recounted for Reich’s space-gun (4) – an oranur charged cloud-buster. In this paper new details of further work with a space-gun like apparatus are outlined which may show possible beneficial effects upon the environment. The use of such an apparatus therapeutically is also explored.

*Oranur is excited orgone and has many new properties beyond that of orgone. The term is an acronym of ORgone Against NUclear Radiation. Oranur is not the same as DOR, Reich’s acronym for Deadly ORgone. Oranur may be beneficial when used appropriately.

In 1951, Reich, concerned by developments in the Korean war began an experiment to see if orgone could neutralise radioactivity. A very small amount of radioactive substance was put inside powerful orgone accumulators. Instead of an immediate neutralisation the energy became frenzied and many difficult effects were experienced by Reich, his family and colleagues. However, over time, the concentrated, excited orgone did overcome the effects of radioactivity resulting in a highly beneficial compound called ORUR or, ORgonised URanium and many other discoveries. The ORUR substance was used with a clouduster (now called the Space Gun) giving some apparently miraculous environmental effects. The effects of oranur itself seemed to become more life positive over time, and in the right doses, once the initial peak had calmed sufficiently.

There are two books detailing Reich’s work with oranur. Oranur First Report and the Second Report which is more widely known by its title of ‘Contact with Space’. Both are reprinted by the Wilhelm Reich Museum. There is also a good chapter in ‘Wilhelm Reich: Selected Writings’ on Oranur. Oranur might have uses as part of the posited orgone motor, with the space gun and in healing and in consciousness studies. The author believes that oranur can be created in smaller amounts without neccesarily entailing the crisis of energy that so affected Reich at Orgonon.

Books available at https://wilhelmreichmuseum.org

Southgate’s work may have parallels with the traditional practices of Shamanism. Shamans as traditional healers/energy practitioners and spiritual counsellors had many roles within a tribe. They were thought to be able to mediate between other realms of consciousness and this reality, to be able to assist in treating ailments and to have powers to affect the environment including the weather. This paper explores the commonality between shamanism and oranur. It found that oranur is propitious toward psychic phenomena and is likely involved in practical shamanism. It argues that heightened consciousness may be synonymous with increased oranur and that certain individuals, such as the psychic Uri Geller or particular shamans may actually generate their own oranur. The paper notes various consciousness heightening effects of oranur and compares these to similar effects found within shamanic practice.

The paper contends that both the oranur device and shamanic rituals may have specific effects upon the weather and the environment. New experimental details are recounted, and comparisons between oranur and shamanic energetics are made. It is argued that oranur, as a possible consciousness energy, may be required for some of the effects of the shamanic experience. Effects of oranur upon time, within religious sites and on electricity are also briefly discussed.

In conclusion the paper recounts evidence suggesting that oranur might have psychic, consciousness and environmental properties that have been used traditionally by shamans and others involved in heightened consciousness. This paper argues that oranur may be a necessary substrate of raised consciousness.

The Device

In November 2020, the oranur device, an energised orgone cabinet, as described in this paper, (5) was moved to a city centre location in Liverpool. On Christmas Eve, the weather was expansive and clear, a bright winter’s day. This kind of weather has been seen to correlate with the device being activated into its ‘space-gun like,’ state or during its movement in a vehicle. An array of metal tubes are placed pointing upwards within a few feet, and later, inside the oranur device. Changes in local weather have been associated with this arrangement, as detailed in a previous paper (6). It was thought that the presence of the device in a city building was having effects upon the local weather. It was located on the second floor of a large 19th century building used for holistic therapies in Liverpool. The cabinet had previously been placed horizontally in order to accommodate various extra accumulating and other items within it when it was at the prior locations. It was now placed upright with the extra items first placed to one side and then later solely within it.

Figure 1

New Cabinet Set Up

On the 2nd of January 2021 it was observed that the weather was brighter in Liverpool than in the surrounding areas from which we travelled that morning. It was a frosty and clear morning. A metal globe fountain, 1.5 foot in diameter, had been bought to manage the energy levels in the device room. The fountain was a large type which could take 1.5 gallons of water. The flow rate is slow being moved by a fish tank pump. The fountain had accidentally been left switched off (it usually ran continually) and the atmosphere in the room felt dense. For this reason Geiger counts were taken using a Radex One Geiger Counter. The levels were slightly raised, being around 0.18 to 0.20 μSv/hr (microSievert per hour). The usual background count for Merseyside is around 0.09 to 0.12 μSv/hr in the author’s experience. Southgate believes the Biblical Ark of the Covenant was also an oranur device, being (in terms of dose rate at approximately 1 cm distance) many million times stronger than the author’s experimental work. In turn, Reich’s oranur set-up was many thousand times stronger than Southgate’s according to Maglione’s calculations (7).

Also based on knowledge gained from Maglione’s work, about the use of incense to control oranur with the Ark, similar types of smoke have been used with the current oranur device. Increased Geiger or raised charged particle counts might be indicative of the relationship between oranur and excited matter. This was perhaps demonstrated as when sage smoke was applied to the room (known in spiritual circles as ‘smudging’) the Geiger count lowered to 0.13 μSv/hr. At the end of the day the count was 0.15 μSv/hr. Smudging was usually done before and after using the large room in which the box was kept. Smudging with sage smoke has been noted to associate with decreased Geiger counts on other occasions. This is a key phenomenon as it is an easily applicable way of containing oranur charges.

Shamanic Effects

Shamanic psychotherapy was being conducted in this room by a shamanic practitioner. In common with another shaman she appears to have an increased sensitivity to oranur. This is perhaps due to her psychic gifts and consciousness expanding practices. Some of these effects have previously been recounted (8) but it is helpful to include all the previously known psychic effects of oranur here, and some related ones. Firstly, it appears that psychics and shamans are particularly sensitive to oranur. In a previous paper it was noted that one shaman could increase the Geiger count associated with an oranur charged piece of equipment when it was within her field.

This effect is reminiscent of Uri Geller’s abilities, who is reported to have greatly increased Geiger counts repeatedly in an experimental study (9). Geller did not however affect an electroscope and therefore it was thought that whatever field Geller was creating it could not have real particle properties. The effect was therefore viewed as anomalous. However, they were not to know that oranur has been shown by orgone researchers, such as Fuckert, Konia, Gebaur and Muchenich to affect electroscopes but in a different manner to how it might affect Geiger counters (10). Oranur may raise charged particle counts, and therefore appears to affect Geiger counts, but orgone devices such as DOR-busters, cloud-busters and orgone accumulators also affect electroscopes. They appear to increase the discharge times of electroscopes. The author believes that this is perhaps because the orgone energy becomes condensed within the glass components of the electroscope (glass may strongly contain orgone) and thus releases more slowly. If Geller is creating oranur then it would be understandable that he would affect a Geiger counter differently to an electroscope.

If oranur is itself ‘consciousness energy’ one who is gifted in psychic aspects, like Geller, may produce an increased oranur field, which in turn may produce an increased Geiger count. It is the hypothesis of this author that psychic effects are partly dependent upon oranur charge and that shamans, psychics and those with spiritual or paranormal gifts accumulate oranur charge within themselves to a greater degree than others. This could be why the electromagnetic field (EMF) association with paranormal activity in various research is sometimes present, sometimes absent and sometimes just correlated. The EMF component may be secondary to oranur which is perhaps why EMF relationships with paranormal activity appear so complex.

Another shaman in Scotland could also sense oranur from a distance and was sensitive too. She could clearly feel a small amount of oranur charged items outside her home at distances of more than 40-foot. The charge was from three handheld pieces of orgone compound (orgonite) which had previously been charged for months in the large oranur cabinet. They were in a plastic bag in a corner of a field on the boundary of her property. The shamans this author has encountered however do not seem particularly sensitive to EMF. Perhaps their increased oranur charge shields them from EMF. The author theorises that oranur and electrical energies occur on the same continuum but at different and somewhat incompatible ends of the scale. Orgone appears to spontaneously convert into secondary energies. Water and electricity have opposite natures. Orgone, though, as a single primary continuum may condense both into water and into charged electrical particles. There is a dual tendency of orgone to ‘condense’ into water (as shown by the actions of cloudbusters on moisture in the sky) but also to ‘excite’ into charged particles (as shown by the action of the possible orgone motor or by orgone-charged Geiger counters). This might have some bearing on why some people are sensitive to oranur but not to EMF and vice versa.

Other psychic effects include increases in empathy, intuition or a melding of consciousness from one person to that of the psychic or shaman – particularly if they have been within the same oranur field. Early in the experimentation, before such effects became known, a psychic spent some time with the oranur set-up and then had some unusual peak cathartic experiences for a period of about a week. Oranur seems to intensify emotional and psychic reactions.

People who have not developed their psychic powers can feel heightened in an oranur field or feel stronger emotions. People who have developed these areas can feel this heightening aspect of oranur keenly. However, over time a shaman or psychic can adjust to the higher charges of being in an oranur field. It can then take some adjustment to move to a lower oranur charge.

In shamans, oranur may enhance gifts and increase the ability for energy to be brought back from what is called ‘spirit flight’ – when the shaman travels to other realms of experience. This may be because it elevates the energy within the material realm and of the consciousness within that environment. It can then recreate the feeling of being in nature for a shaman almost as though the oranur acts as an extra energy push into other realms. Perhaps it also counters the now ubiquitous artificial EMF. Russian research indicates EMF counters psychic phenomena (11). The Russian researchers created what could be viewed as an orgone cabinet but as a tube in which persons were placed and their psychic effects measured. The Russian subtle energy research, on something they termed the Torsion Field, supports the views here. The shaman, in an oranur field, appears to be able to tune into apparently higher dimensions more effectively.

A phenomena noted since moving the device to Liverpool, is that of a, ‘Feel Good’ factor associated with oranur. It appears that the box enhances the feelings felt nearby and then both stores and amplifies them. With various positive consciousness from group-work courses, and with shamanic psychotherapy being conducted nearby the device may have acquired a ‘Feel Good’ factor. The author noted feeling elevated emotionally, even quietly elated, after being near the device. This did not happen in the previous location of an outhouse which did not have the same human interaction. Shamanic psychotherapy also appeared to be heightened when conducted near it.

It is hypothesised that oranur fields can help project the consciousness of the person within that field into the surrounding environment. The shaman involved with the device could feel when other people made a connection with it. Physically, an increase in thirst, appetite and a slight tanning sensation is also noted in mild oranur fields. Plants needs extra water and should not be too close to oranur devices. Plant growth on the edge of the field may be stronger, trees appear vibrant and vigorous in growth nearby to previous locations of the device.

Environmental Effects

In January 2021, the author was travelling to where the set up was based in Liverpool from Cheshire. During the journey the misty fog which was noticeable in Cheshire cleared as we approached the city and the environment became ‘oranur bright’ as Reich described in Contact with Space (12), seemingly centred on Liverpool. The author’s chest felt slightly tight so he lay by the device on a treatment couch. This had the effect of clearing the sensation. He then felt fine.

On the 14th of January the first space-gun like set up was conducted in Liverpool. For days the weather in Cheshire and Merseyside had been overcast and drizzly. In the fields in north Cheshire everywhere there were small ponds appearing. Liverpool area was not as sodden as Cheshire. The room the device was in felt quite dense on arrival at 1pm but unfortunately the Geiger counter was not available. However, it was expected to be within limits previously noted when a dense atmosphere was felt, of between 0.18 and 0.22 μSv/hr. A window was usually left slightly open, to air the room, but due to the intense cold recently it had been left shut. The metal tubes were placed in an upright position next to the oranur device, which itself was in an upright position, not the horizontal position as seen in the first set of space-gun like experiments (13). In each set up there is a spot where the energy charge is highest. The high charge spot had moved from the left of the inside of the cabinet when it was placed horizontally (equipment inside) to above the top panel of the cabinet when placed upright (equipment alongside). Finally, with the equipment inside the device and the cabinet placed upright, the spot moved to a central position within the cabinet. This spot was on top of the glass box inside the cabinet (see Figure 1). This spot is ascertained by that which most easily moves the light weight Egely Wheel. This is a manufactured device which can be moved by subtle energy from the hands or from the oranur device. The wheel’s movement creates the information output of the previous orgone-information experiments (14).

The tubes were put in place near the oranur box at 1pm on Thursday January the 14th. They were pointed at just below zenith. There were 6 tubes, three of which were heavy scaffolding, steel pipes, 5-foot long and 3 of which were thinner steel alloy tubes 6 to 8 foot long. A faint blue glow could be seen around the tubes. The weather was noticeably drier and clearer within 3 hours and continued to head in a similar direction after that. Sage smoke smudging was done before and after the tubes were put in position. This was done in order to energetically cleanse the equipment from subtle negative influences rather than to reduce oranur levels. If the latter is the purpose larger quantities of smoke are needed rather than a ceremonial amount when the burning of white sage is associated with various rituals. A candle was also lit near the box’s energy field for ‘cleansing’. The following day on Friday January the 15th contrary to forecasts, the weather was clear and dry for the first time in a long period of flooding and rain. No rain was noted in Liverpool or Wirral/Cheshire.

On Wednesday, January the 20th there was torrential rain and flooding plus snow in Cheshire gradually easing severity towards Liverpool area. The author wondered if residual oranur effects in the Liverpool area were making the weather milder there (oranurisation as Reich called it) (15). The device tubes were placed upright towards zenith for a day and a half. Drying of the weather occurred overnight followed by bright sunshine and clearer visualisation on the following day (Thursday the 21st). Only 2 of the heavy scaffold tubes were used on this occasion.

On Thursday 28th January, the tubes (all 6) were put up for one hour. A slight change toward drier conditions was noted. It appears that the space-gun is reducing the amount of rain, possibly by creating an energetically expanded state reaching into the atmosphere. It could be a useful tool in cases of continuous rain and flooding. So far it appears that, unlike a cloudbuster, it has little effect in producing rain though more complete effects are as yet unclear.

There was a break in operations until March 22nd when 2 tubes were put up for 1 and 1/4 hours. The weather had been rainy. It became drier. It was noted that many people chose to walk their dogs that afternoon. It was still cloudy but felt pleasant.

Particulate Levels

Investigating wider population effects was not an aim of the current study. However, based upon the striking increase in clarity of the atmosphere after operations, it was hypothesised that the space-gun operations may be helping in some way to clean the atmosphere. This in turn might help local populations. This was then investigated and based on UK government data, Maglione conducted a statistical analysis (16). It was found that the Liverpool, and nearby regions may have had lower than average data for case rates and deaths reported to covid during the recent period of 2020/21 winter to early spring (when compared to England as a whole). The results of the analysis are presented below graphically. The behaviour of case rates and deaths related to Sheffield is also reported in the figures as a comparison. The black squares in the figures represent the days of intervention, while the blue arrow the departure of Liverpool data from those of reference. Sheffield and England trends went against those observed for Liverpool and nearby regions and this might be ascribable to differences in oranurisation between the atmospheres. It appears possible that a slight oranurisation of the atmosphere may have helped the health outcomes of the Liverpool population, perhaps as drier, warmer conditions assist respiratory function.

Figure 2

A: Daily Case Rates

B: Cumulative Case Rates

C: Daily Death Rates Per 1000 People

D: Cumulative Death Rates

Perhaps any possible improvement in general outcomes could also be linked to drops in particulate levels as these are well known to impact respiratory health (17). Maglione analysed data from the World Air Quality Index and it was found that each of the four space-gun like operations correlated with a drop in PM10 particulate quantity for that immediate period in the Liverpool region (18). The third operation was only for one hour and on this occasion an immediate drop was not seen but was seen the following day. The longer operations saw drops in particulates for up to four days. January 2021, around which most of the operations occurred, saw the second lowest average particulate quantity of PM10 in the last 6 years in Liverpool. Maglione analysed the PM10 values for January from the Liverpool Speke (near Liverpool Airport) and Wirral Tranmere stations as provided by the AQICN website. The average of these two data sets were as follows: 11.81 AQI Air Quality Index (2021), 11.19 AQI (2020), 13.50 AQI (2019), 11.83 AQI (2018), 19.42 AQI (2017) and 14.58 AQI (2016). These results are of course early and preliminary findings and no claims are herein made. However, it seems possible that the space-gun apparatus may be affecting the local concentration of pollution particulates and health outcomes. This possibility and any mechanism of action of oranur upon general environmental and health factors warrants further investigation.

Further Shamanic Effects

On February 5th a previously effect was confirmed. The atmosphere in the device room felt heavy. The Geiger count was raised at 0.20 μSv/hr. A shamanic clearing was done using smoke and the count dropped to 0.15 μSv/hr. The shaman was then asked to try to change the Geiger count. She went into a mini-trance and focused on this intention. Shortly afterwards the counts raised to 0.22 μSv/hr. This effect has been seen on other occasions.

On the initial times this shaman encountered oranur, some of the following effects were noted. Firstly, she encountered the device for short periods, observing it or seeing if her energy affected the Egely wheel’s movement inside the set up. Soon her healing practises and meditations started, in her own words, ‘to move up to another level’ with her, ‘gifts changing and increasing’. The quality of the spiritual encounters she commonly reported changed around this time. For example, spiritual contact experiences increased and became more vivid. The shaman indicated that after contact with oranur there was an increase in unusual communication sometimes via electronic interference. This is when electronic devices such as mobile phones or computers behave oddly including changes in message displays not normally seen.

The shaman was noted to have effects on Geiger counts. Her Geiger count was normal usually but if she held an oranur energy tube – a Bernd Senf type orgone tube which has been exposed to oranur for an extended period (19) – certain effects would become apparent. Any oranur type device in her vicinity becomes excited. A raise in Geiger counts is then noted. It is also observed that the Egely wheel used in the oranur information experiments turns faster (but not necessarily increasing in complex movement) when she is nearby. Not long after this she took an oranur tube home with her. Over the next few days strange occurrences happened with electronic devices in her presence. The electronic doors at a library stopped functioning and would not let her out the area. Her car’s electronics seemed altered. The charge in her flat felt high with unusual psychic experiences reported. The tube was immediately returned to the author and it was put back into the outhouse which is about 40-foot from habitation. The strange occurrences at her flat ceased. It is also noted that in the years following this and during which her oranur charge remained lifted, electronic devices, including shop’s computers, will occasionally change their behaviour in her presence.

The oranur device was moved to a large room in the Liverpool city centre area in November 2020. The practitioner began using this room for therapeutic shamanism. The room was shared between research activity and therapeutic use. The clients she had assessed as appropriate, that it was felt a higher energy charge might be helpful, were seen in this room for shamanic psychotherapy. The sessions were successful, perhaps more cathartic than previously but along the same lines as before. For the practitioner the first two weeks were a little challenging, adjusting to working in a high charge environment. She often felt a feeling of exhilaration. Her trance abilities were increased and remained so. After this two-week period she no longer felt this enhancement, generally feeling more grounded, but the trance and other psychic abilities remain heightened.

The room is also used by the author for occasional Chinese acupuncture. A person the author was treating went into a deep trance during the acupuncture and afterward reported that an object was communicating with him. There was a similar accumulating object within the oranur device, which the person did not see.

The above effects might have been coincidental but the idea that oranur is a consciousness energy has validity for exploration. In previous papers the author has put forward the view that orgone is itself conscious and is so of its own volition, not needing material boundaries – as Reich hypothesised, or any other condition, to manifest awareness (20). If orgone is conscious then oranur would be ‘concentrated consciousness’ – in energetic form.

There seems to be some sharing of consciousness between people who have been near the oranur device. It would seem wise therefore to practise spiritual or energetic cleansing of oranur areas and the people who go into them. This seems reminiscent of the lengths the Israelites would go to in observing specific practices before being in the vicinity of the Ark (an oranur device, as Maglione and Southgate believe). Only certain priests were allowed immediately near the Ark, even kings could not gain entrance. When the Ark was taken by other tribes it was soon returned as without the Israelite knowledge its effects were not easily managed, the Hebrew researcher, Isaacs notes (21). It is also thought by Southgate and Maglione to be likely that oranur has a spiritual heightening and communication enhancing effect in line with that ascribed to the Biblical Ark by Isaacs (22). This subtle effect might only become obvious over time. The author would now perform spiritual or energetic cleansing prior to using oranur devices. This was reinforced after one session of ‘space-gun therapy’ to be recounted shortly.

One effect was shamanic and environmental. The author and the shaman visited a stone circle in Cumbria. A piece of oranur-treated orgone-compound (charged orgonite) was placed on one of the stones. A subtle beam of blue energy could be seen going upwards from the stone (the author can see subtle energy so this beam may not have been apparent to other people). Then the author noticed a humming sound, similar to that which he experiences with his electro-sensitisation symptoms but more pleasant. To the author, the electro-symptom humming is like mechanical bees or the noise an electrical substation makes. Possible ‘oranur humming’ sounds are similar but gentler and more changeable. The author shortly thereafter experienced mild palpitations, again similar to typical electro-sensitisation symptoms. These took some days to dissipate. It was theorised that stone circles emit microwave radiation when energised by oranur and it was this microwave radiation that affected him. On other occasions a similar type of oranur hum was possibly heard by the author from the oranur device.

The shaman has also found that her own possible effects on the environment, through her shamanic practice, have been altered and increased since being in contact with oranur. There are certain practices, termed, ‘hollow bone’ practices which are traditionally associated with changes in local weather patterns. She has noted that at times it seems as though the oranur device is energetically in contact with her and upon this change she goes into an exceedingly deep trance state. Her connection with what she calls her spirit guides she feels to be greatly enhanced on these occasions. These periods appear to be associated with changes in the local weather to finer more oranurised conditions. This has been noted a number of times. The author believes the practices of shamanic tribes in weather rituals have real effects and that an oranur mechanism may be at work. The researcher Bulimo recounts how rainmaker shamans in Kenya called Omukimba use shamanic rites to control the weather and also to produce rain when needed (23). Group shamanic practices may increase oranur charge and Geiger counts it is hypothesised.

Electrical Effects

A previous paper reported on electrical recharging effects of a mild oranur field upon small electrical chemical batteries and other devices (24). At times recharging effects were seen. However, these effects were not easily repeatable. Batteries recharged, particularly if they had residual charge beforehand, but at other times they did not, or the effect was small. Accumulation of charge within simple electrical condensers, as used in electronic circuits, was easier to measure. Two further pieces of information have come to light since that paper. Firstly, the subtle energy researcher, King, published in 1992 a report detailing a successful set of experiments with recharging batteries with an orgone accumulator (25). The experiment was modest but the effects of a gain of a few tenths of a volt was broadly in line with this author’s results. Also of note is that since using oranur extensively the shaman is now able to recharge batteries to a similar extent to the oranur device using just her hands and intention. She can recharge recently part-discharged AA batteries in a group of four by a few tenths of a volt, enough to run a radio for half an hour approximately (using the same batteries that previously would not run the radio). This recharging process requires strong energy. This is understandable as it likely takes concentrated oranur to create charged particles. The author has seen this done on a number of occasions with electrical devices (a small radio and a small Geiger Counter). King wondered if the significant but small results he gained were partly due to conducive cosmological conditions. Possibly also the local orgone envelope was strong when the experiments were conducted. This might have been a factor in the success of the author’s initial oranur battery experiments too some years back. The batteries from this original experiment were left within the oranur device and do not currently have any charge.

Space-Gun Therapy

The author began experimenting with using a space-gun-like set up therapeutically. The first few times the author used it on himself. The tubes were placed at zenith near the device and a treatment couch was placed next to the cabinet. The author lay on the couch for an hour and relaxed. Acupuncture needles were self-applied. No unusual oranur effects occurred beyond feelings of a fairly high charge, sensation of mild sunburn and a few slight palpitations which eased quickly. It was noted that the author then appeared to carry the high oranur charge with him and could transfer it to the shaman if she was near. As noted, the author has had in the past experienced occasional palpitations apparently due to electro-sensitisation. This was possibly caused by a previous neighbour’s installation of smart meters close to his living area. Sometimes the oranur exacerbates these electro symptoms for a short period but on most occasions the oranur can make the symptoms better – after adjusting to a higher orgone charge presumably. Oranur charged orgone compound pieces (charged orgonite) can also be placed on acupuncture points or areas of the body needing treatment.

After experimenting on himself, a friend and patient had a session of ‘space-gun therapy’. The device set up was as before. The patient had some body work massage aimed at releasing tension in the upper body segments. Acupuncture was done on back points according to the Chinese diagnosis. The patient reported doing well and that the treatment seemed somewhat enhanced but otherwise nothing beyond what would normally be expected. However, at the same time persons connected to the author felt different and connected to the device set-up. The shaman felt that there was somehow a ‘broadcast’ of consciousness from the author and his patient to others connected to them. The patient treated knows the author’s circle. The mixture of emotions near the device may have connected with others not immediately present. It is key therefore to observe some cleansing energetic practise before using an oranur field and most particularly if tubes are used. The tubes may create a feedback loop increasing the energy charge and creating a strong flow of energy and consciousness outwards. Effects of the tubes upon shamans and psychics in proximity may be very strong and caution should be applied.

It is also reported by shamans that oranur might behave as a portal between the material and other levels of reality. Consciousness on other planes may be able to speak through the oranur into our own existence. This might be how the Biblical Ark worked – literally as an ‘oranur-TV’ tuned to a higher consciousness. This is what is reported in the Bible and Judaic literature.

Effects Upon Time and at Spiritual Centres

The author theorises that as time may be the consciousness of events, and oranur may be concentrated consciousness, a high concentration of oranur might itself precipitate a change in the awareness or passage of time. A book, by a British researcher into UFOs, reported on strange, localised energy fields affecting time. Numerous descriptions recounted seemed reminiscent of oranur effects to Southgate. These energy fields affected time perception and in some cases time travel was reported (26). Napoleon Bonaparte experienced strange time and perception phenomena when he spent a night within the Cheops pyramid in Giza. It is known that the King and Queen chambers are made of granite (which is rich in ferrous elements and silica oxide), while the covering is made of calcareous rocks. As this granite has a slight radioactivity and piezoelectric charge it is possible that the pyramids, acting as huge orgone accumulators, also possess a mild oranur charge. Both Maglione and Southgate believe that the ancient pyramids are huge orgone accumulators. It is possible too, Maglione believes, that as in the Ark, radioactive substances were used as catalysts in the pyramids. Indeed the Hebrews may have taken this knowledge with them for use in the Ark. Oranur properties might account for some of the strange effects of the Egyptian pyramids (27). Perhaps effects upon time may also account for some of the possible oranur healing abilities, such as reversing aging effects, as reported by Reich (28).

Southgate has noted a feeling of oranurisation within large stone churches. Maglione and Mazzocchi did systematic studies on the radioactivity inside and outside pagan and Christian sanctuaries. Studies noted that not only do ancient prehistorical and religious sites have underground watercourses (which might act as Reich DOR-Busters) but that religious buildings and healing centres likely also have slightly higher oranur charges (29).

The outstanding medical psychic, Edgar Cayce, was instructed to use what may have been a natural oranur effect. His spiritual guide told him to locate his healing hospital near to Virginia Beach (30). This beach, due to its black sands, has a slightly heightened radioactivity (31). German and other spas still use slightly radioactive sources for healing (32). This author contends that it is oranur that is being used both for heightening spiritual phenomena and for assisting healing.


These are the possible effects associated with mild oranur:


  • Increase in psychic and spiritual abilities.
  • Increase in cathartic reactions therapeutically.
  • Pooling of consciousness.
  • Increase in paranormal spiritual activity.
  • Heightening of emotional states.
  • Increase in healing (oranur medicine).
  • Changes associated with time.
  • Certain people increase oranur charge independent of devices.
  • Projection of consciousness particularly if the space-gun tubes are raised.


  • Space Gun operations may dry and increase the clarity of the environment, tending toward finer, clearer weather.
  • Operations may correlate with lower pollution particulates in the environment.
  • Possible improvements in health outcomes in local areas.

Editorial, Scientific Advice and Statistical Analysis – Many Thanks to Roberto Maglione.

This Paper is Dedicated to my father, John Peter Southgate – who started me on the journey.

26th April 1934 to 24th April 2021.

‘Love, Work and Knowledge.’


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